Our Committees

Picture of the E-Sports


E-sports is very important for TSEA Link and the e-sports officer can't do it all alone! The E-sports committee will help the e-sports officer with setting up tournaments and everything else that is e-sports related.

Picture of the Event


Throughout the year we host amazing events to make sure we get to know each other better, get away from our desks and explore the world. Think bowling, a big sushi dinner, a trip to the zoo or awesome holiday-themed parties. Do you want to help out sometimes or do you have a great idea for an event, don't hesitate to contact us!

Picture of the Link Trip

Link Trip

As the title of this committee already tells, this committee is organizing the yearly Link Trip. The committee was founded in 2017, and we went on our first trip to Prague in February 2018. The Prague trip was a huge success, and we just went to Porto in February of 2019.

Picture of the Lustrum


This year is lustrum year! TSEA Link is five years old and the lustrum committee is going to help with the celebration. They are in charge of organising the lustrum week: a week full of events and fun!

Picture of the Missing Link

Missing Link

The Missing Link is an annual e-sports conference TSEA Link organises that aims to connect students, academics and the business world to each other. With our speakers we hope to inform and excite these three parties and provide a networking opportunity for their mutual benefit as well as the general benefit of the e-sports scene.

Picture of the Promotion


Our association is a great addition to many students’ lives but we are yet unknown to the majority of the students. The Promo Committee is in charge of spreading the Link philosophy around the university, Fontys and Avans. We try to inform everyone about our association by flyering around the Campus, attending events of other associations, and hosting open events to non-members.

Picture of the Spawn Point

Spawn Point

We've waited and waited, but in 2019 we finally received our new base of operations called: ‘Spawn Point’. This room, which is located on Tilburg University's campus, needs to be cared for. For this noble and important task, we need the so-called ‘Spawners’.

Picture of the Sponsor


We have our awesome game room and our teams participate in tournaments all over the country, which means we’re going to need partners more than ever. Sponsors can support Link, either financially or by providing gaming PC’s, sound systems, games and more for Spawn Point while we share their awesomeness in the E-Sports scene.

Picture of the Tabletop


The Tabletop/RPG committee organises (board)game nights, one-shot evenings and supports Link’s tabletop community in general. They help by supporting the creation of groups, and they also organise roleplaying game workshops. These events are fun for all and a great way to get to know your fellow e-sport team members ‘offline’.