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High Tea Event!

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TOP Pubcrawl

Tues Aug 20 at 20:00

Dear Linkies and friends,

Every year during the TOP week a pubcrawl is organized. We will be doing our own as well! So join us, and have some fun with friends while enjoying drink in different pubs in the city centre of Tilburg. Take your non link friends with you and show them what a cool association we are. We will gather around 20.00h at Café de Vos en de Craen. Somewhere between 20.30h and 21.00h the first round will start. Where to go and around what time will be announced at a later date, but make sure to press going and join us!


Board 2018-2019 and candidate board 2019-2020


First Tuesday of the Month Drink

Tues Sep 3 at 19:00

Hey Linkies!

Join the first tuesday of the month drink in the new academic year! This drink will all be about Link. Get to know your fellow Link members better, or take some friends with you to get to know the association better. We will provide some cool games like Mario Kart or Super Smash Ultimate on the screens in de Vos en de Craen. This night will just be about having some fun while playing some games and get to know each other better!

For the new people, who are not yet known at link, welcome! Feel free to join our first drink of the new academic year. There will be quite some members to tell you more about the association that is called Link. We hope to see you then!

Kind regards,

Board 2018-2019 and candidate board 2019-2020


Spawn Point Open Day

Thurs Sep 5 at 12:00

The time has come for both old veterans and new sprouts. There is a place... Full of games, fun and laughter. We invite you to gather here and have the most wonderful time together. Let's mix up the new and the old and enjoy this day together. We hope to see you there! Spawn Point is Link's very own game room where members can come together to play.

What is Spawn Point?
Spawn Point is the official (gaming) room from TSEA Link. In this room we play various games; practice with our e-sports teams and just overall have a great time together. You are free to use our Wii, Boardgames and computers for basic games. However, if you want to play higher-end games you are free to bring your own laptop.

Where is Spawn Point?
Spawn Point is located in RTZ (Reitse Toren) on campus. When you first enter Reitse Toren, you should see a opaque glass door on your left. (NOTE: If you have entered via Reitse Poort, abort mission!) If you open up this door, you should see a small kitchen on your right. Pass through the glass hallway, and go right at the end. There you are, you have reached your destination!

Kind regards,

Board 2018-2019 and candidate board 2019-2020