Upcoming Events


Dutch Comic Con 2018

Sat Nov 24 at 10:00

Dutch Comic Con is the largest Comic Con of The Netherlands. Lots of cosplay, merchandise, gaming, and comics. You can join on Saturday, Sunday, or both!

Link Trip 2.0

Members only


Link Sushi!

Members only


TSEA Link Constitution Drink 18/19

Tues Nov 20 at 20:30

On behalf of the 4th board of TSEA Link we would like to invite you to our constitution drink on Tuesday November 20th.
The drink will start at 20:30 and will take place at Café Hoegaarden, Piusplein 2, Tilburg.

The 4th board of TSEA Link will be as follows:
Chairman - Damon van der Velden
Vice chairman - Thierry van Delden
Treasurer - Gido Karsmakers
External Affairs - Joost van den Akker
Secretary - Roselie van Gemert
E-sports Officer - Natasja van den Brink

We hope to see you there!


Ugly Christmas Sweater Drink

Members only

MAFIA gamenight

Sat Nov 17 at 19:00

Hey Linkies and possibly other students!

Saturday the 17th from 19:00 to 22:30, we will be playing the popular game in Eastern Europe named MAFIA!
Mafia is a role playing game where people are given secret roles, and depending on those roles you have different victory conditions.
It is a game very similar to werewolves, where the werewolves are the mafia and the villagers are the citizens.

We are hosting this game in collaboration with Kirill Alekseenko, a Russian exchange student that has hosted a few successful MAFIA games already,
and we are now bringing the opportunity to Link! Depending on the amount of people, we will form one or 2 groups and start playing at around 19:10, after which the game will be explained and we start playing.

This event will take place at Reitse Toren 201 and 204 and will be open for both Link members and non link members.
We also would like to ask if you could bring your own cup and bowl for the snacks with you on the event so we don't have to use plastic waste!

Hope to see you there!

The tabletop committee


First Tuesday of the Month-Drink!

Members only


LINK Boardgame night!

Fri Nov 30 at 19:00

Hey everyone!

The Tabletop Committee is proud to announce another (Board) Game Night on Friday November 30 from 19:00 to 22:30 in Reitse Toren 202 & 203.

Have a cool board game you want to play with others? Feel like a fun night of Catan, Weerwolven van Wakkerdam or Cards against Humanity? Then join us for (Board) Game Night and since it's an open event, you can bring all your non-member (student) friends with you!!!

Please bring your favorite board games to the event to make sure everybody can play some of your favorite games. And while there will be snacks and drinks present, we’d like you to bring your own cups and bowls to not have plastic waste.

Hope to see you there!

- Tabletop Committee