Hey! We help the Board with organizing academic events throughout the year, as well as our yearly The Missing Link event! Would you like to help us out? Then join the Committee!

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Hey there! We as the Academic Committee are searching for new members that have some communicative and organizational skills, together with a little creativity! If you are interested in organizing big academic events that are also gaming related (such as The Missing Link) with an interesting and appealing topic – which also looks great on your CV, you are at the right place!

The Academic Committee is responsible for organizing our yearly “the Missing Link” event! This event is in the form of a lecture which combines a topic regarding academics and gaming. The Committee decides on a topic and looks for potential speakers. In addition, they organize the practical part of the event (where, when and how), and they of course try to aid in promoting the event! The Committee does this not alone, but is also supported by Studium Generale and other student associations!

In addition, the Committee helps the Board with organizing extra academic events (such as Night University if necessary), and is of course free to express their creativity to organize other sorts of academic events.

So if you have awesome ideas to organize academic events throughout the year, and would like to organize a big event such as the Missing Link, join us!

You can join by emailing a motivation letter to [email protected]