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Our annual membership contribution is €27,50. We bill automatically at the start of the academic year. When joining Link between November - July, you will pay a reduced fee. To see the exact amounts click here.

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Please fill in the earliest date when you could graduate, if everything goes well. This information is just for us to get a rough idea about our future member count. We'll ask again after this date passes to keep it up-to-date.

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Terms and Contions for collection of the membership fee

By accepting the terms and conditions, you give Tilburg Student E-sports Association Link permission to send collection orders to your bank account for collection of the membership fee in accordance with the order from Tilburg Student E-sports Association Link.
If you disagree with the collection of the membership fee, you can revoke the payment within 8 weeks of the initial collection order.
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Contribution Amount

The contribution amount is dependent on when you're joining and will be as follows:
Join between June 24th - October 24th: €27,50 (in this period, contribution collection will happen automatically)
Join between October 24th - November 24th: €27,20
Join between November 24th - December 24th: €23,20
Join between December 24th - January 24th: €20,40
Join between January 24th - February 24th: €17,00
Join between February 24th - March 24th: €13,60
Join between March 24th - April 24th: €10,20
Join between April 24th - May 24th: €6,80
Join between May 24th - June 24th: €3,40

For members joining between October 24th and June 24th, manual payment instructions will be sent in the welcome mail after signing up.

After paying this amount, you will be a member until next June 30th. After this, your membership will be renewed automatically for one year & the full contribution amount will be collected from your account automatically.