Spawn Point

Hey there! The Spawn Point Committee is searching for new members. Generally, the Spawners are expected to keep Spawn Point open as much as possible, while organizing small (collaborative) events.

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Picture of committee: Spawn Point


Hey there! We as the Spawn Point Committee are searching for new members. These members are people who would enjoy spending time in Spawn Point to keep it open for Linkies, people with a creative mind on how to get the most out of a small space, and/or people who like organizing (small) events in collaboration with other committees. Generally, Spawners are people who are interested in having a good and casual time with Linkies before or after lectures inside Spawn Point, while thinking about how to improve Spawn Point to the liking of the Linkies.

We are responsible for taking care of the computers, consoles and other valuables inside of Spawn Point. In addition, our most important task, is to make sure Spawn Point is open as much as possible for Linkies by taking shifts in opening it. We also focus on organizing small events to attract more people, and lastly we try to make sure that Spawn Point appeals to the Linkies by asking and using their feedback to improve it.

Join now by signing up by mailing a motivation letter to the secretary.