One of the pillars of our association is our competitive esports division. We aim to provide our members with a solid foundation to practice and improve their skill throughout the year! If you also just want to dip your toes into the competitive scene, don't worry we got you covered! We also participate and organize a lot of low level events for gamers who are still trying to find their balance and place in games!

With 5 brand new gaming PC's in our very own on campus gaming room, the ease of access to gaming in a team has never been better in Link! The organization of in house tournaments and events is a common occurrence and greatly attended by people of all skill levels, leading to great bonding activities!

Other than our current teams and games played here, we are more than open to look for new horizons to explore and games to play! So if you want to play, wether it be for fun or competitively, talk to us and we'll try to get a team for you!