Our History

  • Link Member playing League of Legends
  • Link Member playing League of Legends

The Birth of TSEA Link

June 26, 2015

Link's creation/birth took place at a paintball event of TDV Cicero in June 2015, the Debating Society of Tilburg. There, Jos Buijvoets and Maurits Meeusen came to the conclusion that they had a fair few things in common: A love for gaming, a thus far unjustified delay in their studies and unbridled enthusiasm to start something new. They met a number of time afterwards, and soon thereafter, TSEA Link was born.

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  • August 21, 2015

    First Link Board Meeting

  • September 30, 2015

    First Member Joined

  • October 16, 2015

    First General Members' Assembly

  • April 11, 2016

    TSEA Link Was Officially Founded

  • September 10, 2016

    100th Member Joined

    On the 10th of September in 2016, roughly a year after its conception, the 100th person would join TSEA Link. Link had seen a huge growth in its first year and showed no signs of stopping its expansion.

  • April 26, 2017

    First Edition of The Missing Link Conference

    The Missing Link was created to fill a gap identified by the two founders of Link (Maurits & Jos). They found that a great number of scientists, one of their own members - Chrissy Cook included, faced substantial difficulties in finding people for their research. Furthermore, there was no real event matching E-Sporters and their teams, businesses and academics together: thus, the Missing Link was born.

  • December 7, 2017

    Link Game Room Announced

    Link finally announced that we would be receiving our very own game room, which would be dubbed 'Spawn Point'. The Spawn Point will allow competitive teams to train together and will also function as a social hangout.

  • February, 2018

    First Link Trip - Prague

    Link Members in Prague looking over the river and city
  • May 22, 2018

    Second Edition of The Missing Link Conference

    After the success of the first edition, the Missing Link would be hosted a second time, this time featuring Chrissy Cook, Maria Ruotsalainen, Max van Kuipers and Link founder Maurits Meeusen. Equally succesful, this year would learn us about legal challenges in the e-sports industry, research on trolling behaviour in League of Legends, the portrayal of Overwatch League in mainstream media and give us insights on the work of a mental coach for an e-sports team.

  • August 27, 2018

    Jos Buijvoets & Maurits Meeusen appointed as Honorary Members

    Jos and Maurits holding their certificate
  • February, 2019

    Second Link Trip - Porto

    Link Members in Porto looking over the river and city
  • April, 2019

    Opening of Spawn Point

    In April 2019, we finally opened our own room on university grounds. The room, named 'Spawn Point', will be used for members to play games and organise events. Competitive teams will be able to train in the room as well.

  • The logo of Respawn

    June, 2019

    Founding of Respawn

    On June 14th 2019, Link's alumni assocation Respawn was officially founded. Respawn is an initiative to keep graduates and ex-Link members involved with each other based on their common interests, even beyond their time as a student.

  • January 8, 2020

    200th Member Joined

    After five years of TSEA Link, we managed to get our 200th member! Link has proven to be a very broad, welcoming and fast-growing association. We definitely want to keep improving and expanding, in order to make Link the home of even more gamers and game-enthousiasts.