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Board Update for April

We hope your midterms went well!

Let’s start this month’s update differently than normal.. Because we have many excited updates for you!

First of all: The merch has finally arrived! You can pick it up at Spawn Point at designated times, so keep an eye out on the Announcements chat to see when exactly you can come by. Once you have it, make sure to flex that new drip all over campus and every future Link event!

Secondly: The Lustrum is coming!! After having to be postponed for two years, it will finally be happening at the end of this month. Check out below for a small overview of the events and check out the event tab for further information! If you are an ex-member, you should have already received an email with the additional info! If you haven’t, feel free to contact us through our email or contact form.
Tuesday 19 April: Opening drink + pubquiz
Wednesday 20 April: Dinner
Thursday 21 April: Gaming Factory visit
Friday 22 April: Movie night
Saturday 23 April: Day bite + gala
Sunday 24 April: Scavenger Hunt

Then our last bit of exciting update: From 12-14 April the university elections will start again! As you may have been able to seen on our social media or announcements chat, our very own President will be representing Link on Front’s list on position 21!
Front has been a very big support for Link as they were the reason we can now happily gather in Spawn Point! Asides from our own game room, they are generally a proponent of the principle of a ‘living campus’, meaning they want to support and facilitate the students the best way they can. Think of increasing study places, but also improving the study environment or even increasing the food options.
So, if you wish to vote, you will be able to do so through an email you will receive with a link to the voting page! Or, you can walk towards a person with a tablet at campus!

After those bits of exciting updates, let’s go over some events that happened this month!

The E-Sports Committee held their ARAM tournament on the 13th of March! We had two Link teams participating, and congratulations to our members Erik, Cem and Siem for achieving second place in the tournament right behind the boys from DSEA!

We also had another SP movie night where we watched the feared-by-many: Veronica! Good thing we have our safety Fortnite blanket given to us by Zephyr and Yoshi to protect us! Thank you to Spawn Point Co for organising, and we hope to see you at the next one!

Event co’s Carnival party was an absolute blast! Since we got ESN Tilburg’s bar, Carpe Noctem, all to ourselves, we got to have some fun with the smoke machine and sound system. We even set the party lights to carnaval mode and we let it rip! We enjoyed cheap drinks all night as the Bar Committee rained Schrobbeler shots on us for just 1 euro a piece. Once the wheel started spinning, everyone else quickly caught on and the wheel never stopped, with plenty of prizes coming across the bar for everyone to enjoy. If you think that was the end of the night, it sure wasn’t ;) At one point, the beer pong tables came out and the competition was ON. The first battle was between the ESN Bar Committee and TSEA Link and the victory went to Link! All subsequent battles were… hazy, to say the least. At about 03:00 we decided to call it a night and everyone ended up getting home safe. Thank you to everyone for coming out, we hope you enjoyed it!

Our first collaborative event together with a sports association of this year also happened: LinkNation! This Just Dance & Boardgames event was organised by the Board of DanceNation and Link - and it was a great success! We saw many people dance from both associations while enjoying a free round of drinks and some snacks! We want to point out that Link definitely showed them who’s boss, non-stop dancing to every song that came up on the screen – you know who you are. We even got people of Parcival (running) and Gepidae (volleyball) to join us in the dancing. We are happy everyone enjoyed themselves so much during this event and we hope to bring it back in the future! For those wondering where the pictures that Alex took went, don’t worry, they’re still on their way!

And just as every other month, we had our loved First Tuesday of the month drink. We even had a very high turnout of over 30 people! This was much higher than expected given how busy everyone must have been with their exams. As such, we hope everyone enjoyed themselves and got to unwind a bit from all the exam stress! Plenty of drinks were had and plenty of games were played, as is customary for monthly Lonk Dronks at this point. See you all at the next one!

To close off, the Board would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter already and we hope to see many of you at the very first Link Lustrum!

Stay happy and healthy!

Lots of love,
Board 2021-2022