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Board Update for March

The sun is starting to shine more, let’s make it even brighter with a new update!

We started this month with the D&D mid season finale! It turned into a grand event with many showing up in amazing costumes of their player characters. In game players took sides between the great ‘antagonist’ Mister Howard and the various factions very threatened by him. It was a great battle where both sides dealt blows to the other yet Howard and his supporters were the definitive victors that day. Not much to do when he has Nukes and the city the rebels wanted to take over just kinda took off and flew away.

While this was all happening, Joost spent quite some time watching Alex’s subpar PvE skills test-running the MC PvE event! After watching a bunch of people brave the trials, and a lot of excellent on-the-go bugfixing done by Joost, Adi ended up winning the event by reaching wave 12, which was the highest achieved! For those who want to try their hand at these waves of unique monsters, feel free to visit the arena in the Minecraft Server and give it a run yourself. Try the regular mode first, and afterwards try your hand at hard mode with your own equipment! Good luck ;) Also a special thank you to Joost and the Minecraft Task Force for setting up this event and for streaming it on our Link Twitch! (

On the 22nd of February Studium Generale hosted an event about matchfixing in sports! It was an interesting lecture about how matchfixing in sports is a low form of criminality and especially present in certain countries over others. Because it is such a grey area and proof is often lacking in terms of busting those involved, it’s become almost tolerated. Are you interested in how these kinds of topics can develop further? Keep an eye out for Studium Generale’s series, ‘Fixing the Match’ which will come back every once in a while with a new chapter!

Together with Studium Generale, we have also organised our first physical The Missing Link in a very long while! This year’s edition was all about how to make video game characters! We had the two amazing speakers Aris Emmanouloudis (coordinator of the game art animation program at the SAE institute Amsterdam) and Rudolf Buirna (narrative designer at Wolfpack studios) who got to tell us all about their experience on designing, writing and developing a game character. We even discussed some of your character and video game suggestions and how to put them on the grid! We would like to give our big thank you to the Academic Committee and Studium Generale for organising this awesome edition, and are looking forward to the next one! For anyone who was unable to attend, do not worry! We have the recording of the video here:

This month we also took a moment to appreciate all the great, great work our Committees have shown in the first semester! We did this by giving a personal presentation to everyone present together with some free drinks afterwards! The fun couldn’t be stopped as after the event we even secretly sneaked out towards the karaoke bar for some after-party fun! The Board hopes you all had a lot of fun, and again, would like to thank you for your amazing hard work <3
Followed up by this we also had an Open CH meeting the day after! In this meeting, the Committee Heads sat together to update each other on how everything is going with their committees. The meeting was open, meaning that other members could also join.

The Open CH was to give members the idea what it is like to be a Committee Head, for those interested in the position next year! On that note, we also had the Board Info Evening where we presented you all with what it’s like to be Board! We really like the enthusiasm of the potential new boardies who showed up and asked questions. If you have any questions still, applications are open until 13 March! If you would like to apply, please send your CV and Motivation Letter to the ‘Voorzitter’ email that can be found in the Contact tab!

The karaoke after-party was a great set-up for what would soon come after… because what is Link without a getaway to the Karaoke Bar? We raided The End, in Tilburg, and we dominated the podium with a bunch of classic songs! Ranging from Mambo No. 5 to all the classic ABBA songs, we left no musical stone unturned that night. Let’s not forget the three – yes, three – bachelor(ette) parties that joined in on the fun! There was a guy with fake nipples attached to his shirt and a moustache drawn onto his face, and who can forget the guy in the full pyjama get-up, including the pointy hat? Let’s just say that this was a true Link experience, with the most absurd random encounters and everything. Alex will send out the pictures when they’re ready, so keep an eye out on the Announcement Chat! There might be a new profile picture in there for some of you ;)

If you’re anything like Alex, you will admit to the fact that Encanto is a movie that totally slipped under your radar until your Spotify charts started getting flooded by its soundtrack. The only thing you wonder is; “Who is Bruno?”. Well, all the Linkies who attended the recent SP Movie Night and watched Encanto with the Spawnpoint Committee now know – We don’t talk about Bruno. The attendees loaded up on snacks and soda, got comfortable and the sofa and watched Disney’s latest animated, musical marvel on the big screen on Spawnpoint’s new beamer! Would you like to join the next movie night? I’ve heard that the Spawnpoint Committee is already organising their next movie night on 16 March, so make sure to check it out on the Link App and mark yourself as ‘Going’!

And just yesterday we had the one-shot night, which was an event of epic proportions! Ranging from robbing banks and graves to almost killing themselves in wild magic accidents. Every table at this event, whether online or offline was totally filled up and everyone had a blast. There was even one table where the host allowed them to create their own characters, or choose from pre-made ones. Each table, however, had their own grand adventure within the span of one evening. One table even killed off Nicole Kidman, how dare you? You all deserve to be evaporated the way you were. There was also a lot of... smashing, in one of the sessions. Interpret that as you will. Without revealing too much about what happened throughout all of the sessions, we hope to see you again soon with the next edition!

We can also say that people advertised the Gala a lot and we must say… we had to sell at least 32 tickets and… well… we sold 40!!! That’s right folks we passed the minimum ticket sales for the Gala by a good margin, meaning the lustrum gala is 100% guaranteed to happen people!

Lastly, we have rounded up all your merch orders and are working on processing the entire order with Tigerprint! Over 50 units of merchandise have been sold, which PromoCo is very happy about! Because of Carnaval there has been a bit of delay in communication and production, so keep posted about any updates regarding your purchase. We are working as hard as we can to get it all out ASAP!

We hope you had as much fun this month as we did, and that next month will be even greater! Look out to the many events planned on and we hope to see you there!

Lots of love,