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Board Update for February

The second semester has begun, good luck everyone!

We sincerely hope that your semester has started off with a bang! It is going to be another great semester of awesome activities, so hold onto your seats. For now, we will review what we did over the last month!

To start off, we had the online Cocktail Night organised by the Event Committee! A bunch of happy Linkies got their hands on their very own cocktail packages in order to make three highly unique cocktails; the Wide Roger (White Russian), Erik's Soup (Sex on the Beach) and the Witch Potion (Rainbow's Paradise)! The night itself consisted of an online gathering of Linkies with everyone unleashing their inner barista. Plenty of pictures were sent to Link Social of everyone’s beautiful creations! As the alcohol was jumping between our braincells, we were also faced with a brain-racking quiz! Our lovely show hosts made the event a pleasure to participate in, so thank you Event Co!

Following this, we had the member-initiated TTTT, the Tough Team Trivia Time. This event was the ultimate Zoomer & Boomer collab event as people from all ages gathered their strength to face Tom and his army of difficult questions. After clearing the sweat on everyone’s faces and a bunch of Google searches later, Team Trivia, Team Martijn, Team President and Team G*mers came out on top with a prize! Thank you Tom, for organising this awesome quiz!

After the TTTT, we could not sit still as we tackled TOP Week! We had a lovely digital market stand in which the Board welcomed interested TOP Week participants and we told them all about our association. We had some great talks with them, got to make some new friends and we invited them to our FTOTM Drink where they came to get to know each other even better. We hope to welcome them into our association soon enough!

At the beginning of February, we made sure to start the month off right by having our annual FTOTM Drink at De Vos en de Craen! First was the dinner squad -- the early birds who decided that they had missed the dinner options at de Vos far too much. They were quickly joined by the rest, who of course had their fair share of board games. Games like Joking Hazard and Time Bomb quickly made the rounds across the tables. Time Bomb, in particular, stayed for a long time with one particular table -- you know who you are ;) After a great night of distrust, hilarity and butt-jokes, everyone left De Vos en de Craen with a smile on their faces. You can find the pictures in Link Announcements, otherwise you can ask Alex from the Board where to find them!

Additionally, the Board held their second GMA of the academic year. We reflected on the first semester whilst discussing our plan for the upcoming one. Additionally, Maxine has decided to resign from her position as Secretary and Chris has been voted in as the new Secretary, next to his Treasurer duties. We would like to thank Maxine for the hard work she has put into the Board and good luck Chris with the additional role!

For those participating in our D&D Campaign, the mid-season finale is underway! As players have picked sides to fight for, they will leave a trail of destruction wherever they go. Some fight for justice, revolutionary zeal, or plain dislike for the guy with Nukes. Others fight for gold, their like for the guy with Nukes, or justice but with a different perspective. Good luck, everyone!

As a follow-up of our TOP Week market stand, we organised an online Tabletop Evening in our own Discord, where everyone was welcome to play whatever games tugged at their heartstrings. What started off as a healthy dosage of Cards Against Humanity quickly escalated into something... less tabletop. After displaying their artistry in a bunch of and Gartic Phone rounds, the attendants turned to Goose Goose Duck suspiciously quick. For those who do not know: Goose Goose Duck is essentially Among Us, but if peace was never an option. We would like to thank everyone for coming, and we hope to welcome you on the next Tabletop Evening, which hopefully will be offline ofcourse!

Muggles and Potterheads unite, as a new round of Link Werewolves has begun with Harry Potter as its theme! Can the wizards of Hogwarts discover their fellow allies and together vanquish the many threats facing them every day? On a daily basis, the game chats are in full flame as the early days of the game have (d)evolved into an all-out finger-pointing war, in which nobody seems to be safe. In the first two nights, the wizards did not suffer any casualties but they have started lynching their own allies! On top of that, their numbers have started to dwindle, can they still recover from this dramatic turn of events?

Lastly, do not forget that you can still buy tickets for the Lustrum Gala! It's a long time overdue, but we are very excited to finally make it happen now that COVID-19 is slowly releasing its claws on us and we are happy to see you are all excited as well! The details can be found in Link and Respawn Announcements chats. Make sure to lock in your Early Bird tickets whilst you still can, and make sure to bring a date along!

On top of that, you asked and the Promotion Committee delivered! THE MERCH IS BACK IN TOWN! Check out the webshop through Link Announcements. You have until Friday the 18th of February to place your order. Got any questions? Feel free to ask any Promo Co members, they would be glad to help you out.

As you can see, we have hit the ground running this semester and we have got plenty more in store for you. We hope you are as excited as we are!

Stay safe out there and see you next time!

Board 2021-2022