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Board Update for January

Happy new year! The first update of 2022!

The Board wishes everyone a prosperous new year! We hope all of you had wonderful Holidays and a fun NYE! That being said, it’s time for our very first Board update for this year!

To facilitate the more online environment of the past (and maybe upcoming) month(s), we have updated our very own Discord! ( You are now able to select specific game (genre) roles to talk in voice/text channels about those games! It also makes it easier to tag specific roles to see if people are up for some fun! In the future we are also looking at making the Discord more accessible for (open) online events by giving them their own dedicated section!

We were also glad to see three member-initiated streams this month! We had Eleni’s amazing Phi Phi Bob Sims 4 building stream where she built a Link house, Max’s replay of ‘In Sound Mind’ and Joost’s stream for the grand opening of the Minecraft server! Regarding the latter… Are you a Link member and have not yet played on our very own server?! Quickly get yourself the Minecraft role in our Discord! The server IP address can be found in the text channel under pinned messages - or in the Minecraft Whatsapp chat! (Accessible through our website: The Board would like to thank all the members that always want to stream on our Twitch channel, as well as the Minecraft Task Force that have all worked so very hard to get this server ready to go for you all with an amazing new hub!

With the coming of the new year, a new League of Legends season begins! To celebrate this, we have made an E-sports trailer for 2022 on our YouTube channel! ( With the new season, the applications for DCL’s Upcoming and Talent League have opened up! Would you like to join a team? We will find a team for you no matter the elo! Contact the current E-sports Affairs Officer for more info ( Not a member yet? Ask all the questions through and we will come back to you as soon as possible!

The ICC launched their second tournament in December, this time Tetris being the game of choice! We had two members of Link joining this time. Pim and Borna got 7th and 13th place respectively, congrats to them! Stay tuned for ICC’s third tournament coming our way very soon! Are you a big fan of TFT, then make sure to join ICC’s TFT tournament on the 21st of January! Sign up through the following link:

The Board is working hard to set up for the second semester of this academic year! Look forward to many more events and lots of fun!

Stay well and healthy~

Board 2021-2022