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Board Update for December

The days are getting colder, a cosy update to keep you warm!

For the month of December, we are happy to say that we got to see many member-initiated events! Don’t forget that you can always initiate an event idea yourself. So if there is anything you would like to see, let everyone know!

We started the month off with Joyce’s and Sebastian’s DM workshop for beginning DMs inside Spawn Point! After getting good feedback on how to keep players interested in your campaign, together with a spirited discussion on the functionality of a DM screen we may call it a successful event! That calls for more!

In addition to the DM workshop, we had three more events taking place in our precious game room!
First off was the Spawn Point Committee’s initiated Wii Sports Tourney! It was a great success, and therefore we would like to thank Eleni for taking the lead in organising this! Around 15 people shed blood, sweat and tears to win one of the five official Link merchandise sunglasses that were offered as a prize! Congratulations to Lars, Jochem, Max, Fenna and Nico for being the top (Wii) athletes!
Secondly, we had a media day where the Dutch College League (DCL) visited us to take professional pictures of our Premier League of Legends team: TSEA Link Guardians! They have gathered plenty of content they will be able to use as content in their livestreams! Would you like to see them play? They play every Wednesday on between 18:15-22:15! Come tune in and support them whenever you can!
And lastly, public speaking got you down? No troubles with the wonderful PowerPoint Karaoke that Thierry organised! We have seen some crazy PowerPoints! Including one consisting of a lot of chicken, and one about cyrillic! However, the grand winner was decided to be… *drum roll* Jochem! With his informative presentation about how dolphins are actually the spawn of Satan! Who knew! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Our last physical event of this month was the alternative FTOTM Drink! Although the bars have been closed, we could not withhold our monthly get-together from you all! Instead, we spent our time in the RTZ building playing board games, eating snacks and singing songs! We will have a short break for the FTOTM Drink with it not taking place in January, so we are hoping to welcome many of you in February again! Maybe even in de Vos if the covid measures allow!

We have also had two online events take place!
First off was the Jackbox Party Pack 8 event! This is the latest pack that came out of our well-loved Jackbox games! During the stream it was noticed that Job Job was a clear favourite among many to play! There are still three left-over games in the pack that we weren’t able to play in the event, so much to look forward to trying still! A big thank you to Tom for organising this stream and to share the experience of this new pack with us!
Secondly, on the weekend of the 26th, the E-Sports Committee organised TSEA Link’s second edition of our TFT Tourney, following last year’s success! The tourney was an immense success, racking up 28 participants who faced off against each other! Congratulations to KiboSlapsRap, FieryO, Muja and soderlundLOL for making the top 4 and winning some awesome prizes! Here’s to many more successful and fun tourneys! Maybe YOU can be the winner next time!

And then… Merch…? Merch…? Merch..!
You may have already seen it come by, but there’s a new interest form out for the upcoming merch drop! Did you miss the memo? No worries! You can find the Google Forms on Whatsapp in the Social, Announcements and Freshmen 21/22 chats! Otherwise, feel free to shoot the Board a message to hand it to you! We were very glad to see many of you excited to score some of this batch for yourself! And, of course, a very big thank you to the Promotion Committee’s hard work on bringing this out!

Last but not least, it also cannot escape us to look at the hard work the Link Trip Committee has put down the past weeks! Having to keep it secret for a long while, although sharing some hints here and there, we can finally scream it from the rooftops: Link Trip will be going to DUBLIN this academic year! Props to Eleni, Guido and Lucas’s mom for guessing it right! Would you like to join? Make sure to join the Link Trip group chat and to fill in the form! If you need more info on this, feel free to message anyone from Link Trip or the Board!

That would conclude the Board update for December! We would like to wish everyone good luck on their upcoming exams! Don’t forget to stay warm and healthy in these cold weathers!

Until next time!

Lots of love,
Board 2021-2022