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Board Update for November

A new month, a new Board update! Read here what we have been up to!

We all hope your midterms went very well, and are already wishing you good luck in finishing off the last lectures before the studying starts for the final exams! In the meantime, here is our update for the last month!

Let’s start off where we left off last time! The grand opening of Spawn Point! Dum, dum, duuuum…! We are finally open for business again! Have you visited yet? The open week was a great success with many Linkies showing up! The different themes each day fell very well among our members. We would like to congratulate Maureen for winning the Wii Sports Tennis tournament! In addition, our gratitude to our lovely Spawn Point Committee members who worked so hard to make this possible!
If you didn’t get the chance to visit yet, no worries! Check out the opening times on the app or ! Usually, they aim at opening each day from 12:00-18:00! Don't forget that Spawn Point is only accessible for Link members!

During the open week of Spawn Point we had a Worlds Watch Party! To stay in the theme of the League of Legends World Championship, we did not only keep it within Spawn Point, but even visited the O’Café for the semis, and the Pathé for the big finals! It was great to see so many Linkies come together to cheer for their favourite teams!

In October, the InterCollege Clash (ICC) started their tournament series for this academic year with a very exciting ARAM tournament! Unfortunately, we couldn’t form a team to represent Link, but it was a lot of fun nonetheless! The next ICC tournament will involve Apex Legends and is right around the corner on 26 November, so make sure to warm up if this interests you! (Looking at you, our precious Apex team Sidon!)

The beginning of November also means the ending of Halloween! We proudly presented two Halloween-themed events!

Firstly, we had the Halloween Escape Room in Spawn Point, organised by Event Co with help from Spawn Point Co! The event was incredibly well-received and a bunch of fun. We even had a Committee member dress up as a “NPC” to help the players! The Halloween surroundings and music helped a lot for the spoopy vibes, and it had been heard some teams even ended up being a bit scared! (Hehe..) A very, very big thanks to the Committee Members that worked so hard on all the puzzles, surroundings, music, organisation and all other things! The event was a huge success and almost all teams were able to come back out alive! We are looking forward to hopefully organising another one of these in the future!

Secondly, we organised a Halloween stream together with our alumni association Respawn! A big thank you to everyone that tuned in, and an even bigger thank you to those who dedicated their time to streaming during this event! It was a great success with a bunch of different viewers for a lot of different games! The most popular streams were, Alien Isolation (36 views), Muse Dash (42 views), Hollow Knight (49 views), OSU (51 view) and Spoopy One-shot (74 views). Did you miss some parts of the stream? Feel free to watch them back on our Twitch channel on ! Cheers to many more amazing streams!

In addition to the ending of Halloween, the coming of November also meant our very own Link Constitution Drink! We had many members supporting us, and a great turn-out of around 13 bottles, including some of our own Committee Heads, Advisory Board and previous Boards! Zephyr (the e-sports association from Eindhoven) even brought us a beautiful Fortnite bath towel which has been gifted to Spawn Point! A big thank you to everyone who took the time to visit and congratulate us on this beautiful evening!

With little time to rest, the Board wanted to enjoy our First Tuesday of the Month Drink straight after the Constitution Drink! Together with a very fun pub quiz organised by Event Co! An edition with many varying questions, giving everyone a fair chance. Many congratulations to this event’s winners: Team Bokoblin! And something that we will all remember from that evening is the delicious smell of hot choccy with whipped cream! Because after all, nothing better than a warm drink, a cosy vibe and an awesome evening with friends!

We were very glad to see a few people that were non-members yet at the First Drink to try out if Link was for them. After a successful night, most of them (in addition to others) decided to attend our open Boardgame Night! With a rough estimate of 60 people visiting over the course of the night, it was another great success! A big thank you to Tabletop Co for organising such a fun evening in Reitse Toren and Spawn Point! We played many games such as Unstable Unicorns, Betrayal at the House on the Hill, and even a Werewolves session! An event filled with lots of fun and friendly competition, that calls for more!

To end this month’s Board Update, we are so glad to express our gratitude to the great effort of our Committees to organise these open events. We have been able to welcome plenty of new members already, spiking our freshmen count to 52 as of this moment. Many of these joined after they had a very enjoyable evening at these Committee organised events! Let’s make sure to make a lot more fun happen over the course of the academic year, trying to get over the bar of 200 members! Thank you all so much for your initiatives, motivation and enthusiasm. You all are what makes Link a great association!

Cheers to another great month!

Lots of love,

Board 2021-2022