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Open One-shot Evening

Hey everyone! Next month we'll host one-shot evening which is open for everybody. The sign-up is in the description. See you then!

Hello Everyone!

It's time to roll for initiative with your friends! Coming November 5th 2020 we are holding Link One-shot night! This is an open event so you can also invite people from outside of Link.

You can sign up starting today until Monday 1st of November. After the 1st we will make tables and let you know what group you're in. On the form you can mention specific people you want to play with, but groups will be mostly randomized. Tables will be between 3-5 players. The event start at 19:00 and is held through discord. Afterwards you can also chat there about the event and the experiences you had. Characters will be provided by the DM's. So this is the perfect opportunity if you want to try a tabletop RPG without any previous experience! You can sign up for the event through the following form:

If you have any questions left you can message tabletop co and we will likely let you know ASAP or you can tag this message with your question.

Now let's roll those dice!

Kind regards,
Tabletop Committee