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New Board 18/19

We're announcing the candidate board for next year.

As you have been expecting, coming towards the end of the academic year, we are pleased to announce a new board.
We look very positively towards the new board and think that an even better and more active year awaits Link.
The candidate board of TSEA Link for 2018-2019 that will be voted on during the next general assembly is:
Damon van der Velden as Chairman
Joost van den Akker as External Affairs Officer
Thierry van Delden as Vice-Chairman
Roselie van Gemert as Secretary
Gido Karsmakers as Treasurer

We will also introduce a new position that will be working alongside the board, the proposal for this new position can be read before the general assembly and can subsequently be voted on.
Thus we are pleased to announce our candidate:
Natasja van den Brink as E-sports Officer

We wish a lot of luck to the candidate board and E-sports Officer and look forward to another amazing year as TSEA Link.