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Advisory Board Applications 2019-2020

You can now apply for the Advisory Board 2019-2020.

Dear Link members,

As you may know, Link has an Advisory Board. The role of the Advisory Board, as the name suggests, is to advise the board on important decisions, as well as the year-plan for that year’s board. They may give advice when the board asks for it, but they may also give advice even if they aren’t asked to do so. This advice is not binding, but that advice may still be very valuable. The Advisory Board also helps with the application procedure for the candidate board. The Advisory Board consists of three members.

If you want to be a member of next year’s Advisory Board, then please send your CV and a motivational letter to Starting next academic year, we would like there to be at least one person who can remain in the Advisory Board for 2 years. This is to provide structure for the Advisory Board as well as to keep experience within the advisory boards to come. The Advisory Board will be chosen in the last GMA of this year (to be planned near the end of May/start of June), but you must apply beforehand to be eligible. The deadline for this is May 15th 2019.

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