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At long last, our donation system is now up and running at

Hi all,

As some of you guys might have noticed already, our new donation page is now up on our site.

At the moment we're collecting donations primarily for facilitating an internet connection in Spawn Point until the end of this academic year, as these costs turned out to be higher than budgeted. Every little bit helps! As a small gesture, anyone who donates €5,- or more will receive one pair of the post amazing sunglasses (stock is limited).

We deeply appreciate every person who is willing to donate any amount. If you already donated, from the bottom of our hearts: thank you.

Board 2018-2019

PS: Notice that we ask for your name, contact info and address when donating. This is obligatory as per the statutes. This personal information will never be used for any other means than possibly contacting donators and will never be shared with any third parties.