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Board Update April 2024

Welcome to April’s Board Update! The month where the weather couldn’t decide on being winter or spring!

This months FTOTM fell mid midterm season (thank Joyce for this pun!) which for some members meant not being able to attend, but nevertheless Linkies made sure it was a fun night! As usual we had our drinks and played some board games while catching up with each other and talking about our own personal adventures that have happened since the previous month.

We look forward to seeing you all again at the May FTOTM on the 7th! :)

Link Trip to Split!
The yearly Link Trip this year was Split, Croatia! On a Wednesday a cheerful group of adventure seeking Linkies set off on their journey. Once landed in Croatia the group set out on many adventures. From visiting old Roman ruins to relaxing by the beach enjoying some grape juice, and yes relaxing by the beach is definitely an adventure on its own! :)

On some evenings when dinner couldn’t be decided between the traveling Linkies the decision was made to… Split up and regroup after! On the last day some members did so again to get a chance at visiting the island of Brač!

Thank you to our Link Trip Committee for organizing this year’s trip! And I’m sure we’re all looking forward to finding out what next year’s destination will be!

Spawnpoint Strivers
The monthly battle raged on once more, Spawnpoint was transformed into a battle arena where two people could pilot their favorite character and see who comes out on top.

Comedy Movie Night
A very interesting movie night featuring the movies “Jesus Christ: Vampire Hunter” and “Everything Everywhere All at Once”. The first movie was definitely a surprise, and shows that the Canadian city budgets can go to very… creative movies. (Yes it was funded by the local government). For the second movie it seemed that the regional restrictions left us without English subtitles in a movie where 40% or more of the dialogue is not in English. That did not take away from the movie’s enjoyment though and everyone had a fun evening!

Missing Link
Three guest lecturers visited this year’s Missing Link! This year’s title was “Game on! But why?”. With this thesis we tried to dive a bit deeper into what it is exactly about video games that make them fun and what it is that draws us to our monitors and keeps us glued to it.

Our guest speakers this year were: Joyce Stikkelman, who works as Product Development Manager at GamePoint; Nele van de Mosselaer, who is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Philosophy of the Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences; and lastly Gideon de Pan who is a Cultural Researcher and graduate from Tilburg University!

One presentation was focused on the comedy that comes with gaming, which has 4 sources: the player failing, the game itself failing, the player failing on purpose for comedic effect and the game doing the same. These points are exacerbated by the growth in video game streaming where many people enjoy watching others go through games instead of having to do the work themselves.

All of these factors ensured that this year’s Missing Link was a fun and memorable one! We would like to give a big “Thank you!” to our Academic Committee who have been making this event possible! And of course a huge thank you to our guest speakers!

Video Game Paint By Numbers
Not just gamers, but also talented painters! A very laid back and relaxing event organized by our Event Committee gave Linkies the chance to let their artistic side flourish. The main theme of the evening was video games, which could be interpreted any way the painter wanted. Paintings were inspired by League of Legends, Resident Evil, Stardew Valley and so on. We look forward to another event that brings out our member’s creativity!

Charity Stream!
This year’s charity stream was a 3 day long spectacle where various Linkies played their favorite games on Link’s very own Twitch channel! Every streamer had their own personal challenges that would make their game play much more interesting.

At the end of the weekend Linkies had raised €519,19! This will be going to the Studentdesk Red Cross of Tilburg, they will be making sure that children in Tilburg will not be going to school on an empty stomach!

One-Shot Night with Enigma
A fun night for all TTRPG enjoyers, this time with special guest members of the student association Enigma! With the theme of the evening being “Futuristic D&D”, everyone got their chance to play out their futuristic fantasies!

Board Game Night with Enigma
A double for Link x Enigma! Members of both associations once again joined forces to have a fun and social evening! This evening everyone left their character sheets back home and came ready to be competitive in board games. We hope that all of the members of Enigma had a fun night with the Linkies, and of course they’re always welcome to join Link and give esports a try! ;)

Ghibli Movie Night
This movie night doesn’t need an introduction but I’ll give it one anyways! It’s Ghibli time!! Our own Spawnpoint Committee blessed us with two classic Ghibli movies in this iteration of the movie nights. Princess Mononoke was the first choice for the evening with Howl’s Moving Castle as the second.

We hope our members enjoyed the movie nights and look forward to more!