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Board Update March 2024

Well, now that February is long gone, and we… March-ed forward let us take a look back!

Elder Scrolls Lore Seminar
This was possibly the most nerdy way possible to start off March. During a 3-hour lecture our very own Adi gave us in depth knowledge of the world of Tamriel. Covering topics ranging from the regions of the world, the races present and how these affected the regions to how the universe was formed and is structured. We can’t imagine a better way to spend a Friday evening! :)

Committee Information Evening
Our 2nd edition of the Committee Information evening took place in March. An evening where our Committee Heads take the stage and showcase what their committees do and why you should join them!

After the Committee Information Evening event, Linkies made their way to the trusty O’Café to celebrate our March FTOTM! As per usual, board games were played, laughs were had and hopefully everyone kept their fun memories of the evening!

Karaoke Event
Our Event Committee rented out a karaoke bar and gave Linkies the chance to show us their hidden talents! Whether it was the good old classics we’re used to hearing and singing along to or newer songs, everyone had their chance to make themselves heard. With over 30 people attending the event I’m sure we’ll all be looking to Event Co. for another potential karaoke event!

ARAM Tournament
The Esports Committee hosted an ARAM tournament in which 7 teams,each consisting of 3 people, split in 2 brackets(upper and lower bracket). These teams took to the Howling Abyss to battle it out! The event was streamed on Twitch and was casted with full enthusiasm!

The winners of the upper and lower bracket could not get enough of the action and pleaded with the hosts to be able to battle each other. In the end the lower bracket winners triumphed over the upper bracket winners!

We’ll be looking forward to the next event hosted by the Esports Committee!

Spawnpoint Movie Night
This month’s movie was Interstellar! Linkies gathered in Spawnpoint and experienced the wonders (and terrors???) of spaaaceee!!

Keep an eye out for April where there will be TWO movie nights hosted in Spawnpoint!

Spawnpoint Strivers
Bridget? Faust? May? Nagoriyuki? These are becoming familiar names now in Spawnpoint where our Guilty Gear enjoyers battled it out once more to see who’s been practicing since last month and who’s maybe gotten a bit rusty!

Board Information Event
As we’re already past the halfway point of our own board year, it was time to start our search for next year’s board! We kicked off this search with an information evening where members could learn all about board work and what actually goes into it!

Are you interested in going the extra mile for Link? Do you have a burning passion to keep the association running and even make it better? Want to have a cool thing on your CV to show off? Send in your Board application (motivation letter & CV) to: [email protected] !!!