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Board Update January 2024

The first month of 2024 is behind us, let’s take a look back at January!

Ice Skating
Event Co. organized an ice skating event in the center of Tilburg where Linkies could meet up and have some fun ice skating! It was very fun to see the different ice skating levels of Linkies, from those who regularly ice skate without fear, to those who got on the ice and looked like a freshly born giraffe (totally not me!).

DLD Go To DCLS Finals!
Don’t Link and Dive, our division 1 League of Legends team made it to the finals of the DCLS fall split! The final was played on the 14th of January at the campus of the Eindhoven University of Technology.

Unfortunately DLD did not manage to take the win but we can all be very proud that they showed immense improvement throughout the fall split to get to the finals against a much stronger opponent on paper.

We look forward to the next split to see what awaits us, we hope to see many more Link teams heading to the finals!

Coding Class
A premier in Link! Our very own Academic Committee with the help of the very excited and coding experienced Linkies, Floris and Stefan, offered members a coding class in which they could have a quick crash course in Python.

In the class they offered members well written books and gave excellent explanations ensuring that it was a very fun learning session. They are looking forward to hosting more events like this so keep an eye out for it!

Online MTG Night
The Tabletop Committee hosted an online Magic The Gathering session on our Link Discord this month! It gave members a good introduction to the game and game system.

Keep an eye out for other potential events to get to learn other TTRPG systems, or just another MTG session!

Book Club
A very much anticipated event for many Linkies! The Academic Committee hosted the first book club in January! In the first session Linkies got to enjoy a prolonged discussion on the topics and themes of a collection of books.

In the future we can expect some more sessions and possibly broadening the genres available so that even more Linkies can get together and discuss their favorite books!
Winter TOP Week
With the start of a new semester comes another TOP week! For this TOP week we had a stand in the Koepelhal along with other sister sports and other associations.

New students got to talk to us and get an idea of what Link is like, we look forward to seeing any new members joining us soon!

POLIS Wii Tournament Night
In collaboration with the Study Association POLIS and with the help of our very own Spawn Point Committee member Oscar organized a Wii tournament for Mario Kart and Wii Bowling. For both games some rounds were played where points could be scored and those with the highest scores faced off in a final of Just Dance.

In the end our very own Linkie Troy claimed the top spot as the winner! Congratulations from all of us!

Casual Game Night
An event hosted by our Esports Committee where members could come to Spawn Point and play a variety of games and have some casual competitive fun with each other!

The games ranged from Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Bros., various PC games and even some VR gaming! An overall very fun and enjoyable event for all those present!

Several members took on the challenge of playing the Crab Rave song in BeatSaber, some members had some slight issues with hitting the boxes but as soon as they figured out how it worked they became unstoppable!

Some pro Mario Kart players got to help out some members with car choices, shortcuts and more. At one point the experienced players started competing against each other and managed to still bring the competitive spirit to the casual game night!