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Board Update December 2023

Welcome to the year 2024! A bit of a delayed update but here we are!

December was a month where we sadly could not do as much as we’d like. This is mainly due to a combination of it being exam season and the general holiday season, which means most of us are busy and/or even abroad. Regardless, we still had a lot of fun this month and can’t wait to see what the new year brings us!

The last FTOTM of the year 2023 was a fun and smaller than usual FTOTM. Sadly exams were upon most of us and a lot of Linkies could not make it, this means for the February FTOTM we can show up in full force!

On the 6th of December we hosted our very first GMA where we went into various topics such as what we as the new board have been up to since being voted in. We highlighted how we have gotten many Freshies this year and are slowly getting closer to the big 300 number, as well as the events our committees have hosted. We gave an insight into our current relationships with sponsors and friends. And of course most importantly we gave a big shoutout to our esports teams and some information on how we want to start up coaching again for our competitive players and teams. At this GMA we also covered the topic of the FTOTM.

After the financial overview where we had a look into the financial state of the association and what we expect in the future, we have also given members some things to look forward to! Early this year we will be having a LinkUp event which is a new method we are trying to form teams in a more organic manner!

We are also looking forward to the SSA Gala and we have also teased that there are plans for a beginner friendly LARP event!

Smash Bros. tournament
In early December the Spawn Point Committee organized a Super Smash Bros. tournament! With a mix of chill and competitive vibes the participants battled it out in a 1v1 style with the winner moving through and the loser competing in a lower bracket. Keep an eye out and already start practicing for possibly another Smash Bros. event soon!

Academic Committee study session
Perfect timing definitely does exist. Our Academic Committee hosted a study session right before the exam period started. A group of Linkies got together in a classroom in RT and spent the day doing some hardcore studying, I mean, what else are you gonna do when you’re not gaming? We hope that the members who attended the session got a lot of value out of it and have also done well on their exams!

We look forward to more study sessions hosted by the Academic Committee when midterms come around and the exams for the coming semester!

Board game night
A nice and deserved break from all the studying this month, our Tabletop Committee organized a board game night where Linkies could come hang out and play their favorite board games. We were very glad to see how many Linkies showed up!

Discord game night
The Esports Committee hosted a game night on our very own Link Discord server in December where members got to play various games on Discord and have a blast.

Open board game night
Together with the student party SAM we hosted a board game night in the O’Café. It was a very fun collaboration with SAM where most of the evening was spent playing Werewolves.