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Board Update November 2023

Let's take a look back at November!

While November was full of many fun and quirky activities, we’re proudest of the success of Linksgiving. So many of you guys joined us in the streaming fun, from playing board games or Lethal Company with friends to enjoying a nice single player game. And who could forget Ant’s Noita streams! We were also so happy to see so many people watching the streams, especially ours :P , and can’t wait to see what people will stream next!

Spooky Halloween Oneshot
While not in November, we did end of October with a bang. With over 35 players showing up and plenty of tables to choose from, it was safe to say Linkies were in the mood to roll. Linkies could enjoy the wide variety of systems to choose from, from classics like D&D to something a bit odder, like Laser & Feeling or Everyone is John, all of which had their memorable moments.

Trivia Night
The Event Committee treated Linkies to a trivia extravaganza, exploring the realms of culture, pop culture, and fantasy! Laughter echoed as 5 groups of Linkies showcased just how diverse their knowledge can be ,turning the evening into a delightful experience. The sweetness extended beyond the content, as the victorious group generously shared their sweet prize with the rest of the players!

This month’s edition of our lovely First Tuesday of the Month Drink we flipped the script and moved the location to try out something new. The O’Café at the SportCenter proved to be a nice and cozy location to hold our drink, and with more than 50 Linkies showing up we certainly had a good old time. Make sure to join us for December’s FTOTM at the Olympia Sports Bar instead!

Wii Sports Tournament
The best and brightest Linkies came to determine who’s might was greatest in the only proper feat of strength and ability, Wii Sports! 16 players entered the thunderdome, there were highs and lows. People were KOed, knocked off platforms and out-bowled, but there could only be one winner. And this time, Christophe emerged as the champion!

Valorant 5v5 Tournament
Our Esports Committee orchestrated a thrilling Valorant 5v5 Tournament! Over 60 participants battled it out in 12 teams in a 5-hour showdown! Hats off to punctually challenged for seizing the top spot, and kudos to pixie and friends for securing second place! In addition, Zephyr Okami won a prize for having the highest Average Combat Score! We want to thank everyone who joined the tournament and look forward to hosting more in the future! A special shout out goes to Cem who has casted the tournament for over 5 hours!

The Sinterdice event brought together 8 generous linkies. We immersed ourselves in Sinterklaas tunes and exchanged gifts in a playful and creative manner. It was a delightful event with everyone reveling in the festive spirit. As the event wrapped up early, we extended the joy with some Secret Hitler!

New peripherals for Spawnpoint!
We cannot forget to mention that this month we managed to get 5 brand new keyboards and mice for Spawnpoint from our friends at Cooler Master! We hope that Linkies will have a lot of fun playing on these new peripherals and keep getting W's while gaming!