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Board Update October 2023

Hi everyone! It's our first update as the new board of 2023/2024!

Your new board!
On September 29th TSEA Link elected their new Board for the year 2023-2024! As the new board we have learned so much within our first month already and we can’t wait to bring all our ideas for the year to fruition. This year we have already welcomed more than 60 new members to the association! This means that we are already past the peak number of members we had last year. We want to thank all the new Freshies and can’t wait to see your contributions to Link!

One of the first things we have had the pleasure of doing as the new Board of Link is attending the CoBo’s of other student associations. This gave us a unique opportunity to connect to other board members and meet them as they were most likely also just becoming board members themselves.
As we got installed at the very end of September we had the honor of hosting our first FTOTM in October. Which was a great success with over 55 members attending! We look forward to hosting the next ones for the coming year and hope that everyone has fun mingling with their fellow Linkies! :)

Link D&D
On the 5th of October the new yearly campaign of Link D&D started. Our lovely DMs have had a lot of fun creating an apocalyptic setting for the players this year. With almost every table being filled, a lot of Linkies got introduced to the intriguing factions and setting that the DMs have created for them. Want to join this intriguing setting? Feel free to join the group chat where all of the DMs are willing to help new players get into this bi-weekly campaign.

Esports Tournament start
Early in October Link got the esports gears turning again. With the guidance of our Esports Officer the teams were formed, and the tournaments began! We look forward to seeing how our teams will do this year and look forward to a lot of victories ahead.

Info Evening + Joining Committees
This month we also hosted our Info Evening Event surrounding our committees. We look forward to having a thriving association where everyone can do their part and feel like they truly are a part of Link. With that said, we will be looking to have informational events like this a few more times during the year in case anyone misses out on one of them.

Horror Movie Night
In the spirit of Spooktober Spawnpoint Co hosted an Anna Taylor Joy movie night! Hold on, that was just a coincidence? Well anyway, two great films, The Menu and The Witch were watched back to back. The Menu, a horror with a lighter tone got everyone's stomachs rumbling and The Witch suddenly stopped it. There were scares and laughs, and most importantly, a wonderful time!

Mario Kart Tourney
Esports Co revved up the excitement as on the 23rd of November they hosted a Mario Kart Tournament! Rumors say that baby park was chosen for every single round of the tournament. After giving it his all, Siem emerged as the top racer in this edition of the Mario Kart tournament, showcasing his remarkable Luigi skills. Ironically, he opted for the Mario plushie as his prize, even though a Luigi plushie was also up for grabs. We look forward to your participation in our next month’s Casual Game Tournament Series this time with Wii Sports!

Spawnpoint Strivers
On a wet Friday Linkies gathered in Spawnpoint in the ultimate test of prowess, the greatest feat of strength! Button mashing! But jokes aside, 15 combatants entered the ring in a double knockout competition. There were highs and lows, complete thrashings and beautiful underdog stories, but at the end of it all only one winner. But hey, if you lost, were sure Kevin will be back with another round soon enough!