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Board Update September

Hello everyone, one last time from the Board of 2022/2023!

As you may have noticed by the amount of stress you have probably been experiencing the academic year has truly started. This also means it is time for your favorite association to organize tons of events again. And an eventful month it was!

We started off September with the first big open event on the 5th, our beloved FTOTM! It was clear our Linkies missed each other during the summer, as the turnout was insane. Around 70 people showed up, making this our best-visited FTOTM ever! What was also nice is that many freshmen and non-members were spotted among the crowd, introducing a whole new generation of Linkies to the fun our association offers. With some extra help from the (then still Candidate) Board this proved to be a truly unforgettable event!

Only two days later it was time already for one-shot night! However, there was a little twist this time to the usual format. There was no sign-up form! Instead, we opened one shot night with a little market where the GMs could hold presentations introducing their games to their potential players. With 50 players and 10 DM’s a night of epic storytelling was bound to occur. We laughed, we cheered but we also felt just a little bit of Dread. It was yet again a very successful event!

On the 12th, we hosted the much anticipated, annual Spoor Park Chill Time! Many old and new members came together to chat, play board games and grab a snack or drink. We were prepared for a little bit of rain with stylish umbrellas and bright raincoats, and stayed until Spoor Park closed.

On the 17th of September, it was time for the anticipated D&D stream. We said goodbye to the Moonspire Academy and, thereby, to last year's GM’s. Players got to ask their final questions before we moved on to the exciting reveal of this year's campaign! All the best to our new GMs, you will do great, and to the new players have fun! We shall see what secrets can be found in the ruins of Vönragna.

The (then still Candidate) Board hosted one final stream on the 19th of September to give everyone a chance to get to know them before the big upcoming GMA. Lots of fun jackbox games were played and lots of new trivia was learned.

On the 25th of September, the event everyone had been waiting for finally took place, the big Spawnpoint reopening! With a brand new banner, 5 new headsets, and 5 incredible RGB gaming chairs from our new sponsor Ranqer, there was lots to explore! The room quickly filled up as everyone was excited to be able to make use of our home again and we got a special visit from two of our friends at Ranqer!

Finally, our big GMA was hosted yesterday, on the 29th of September. It was very well attended with almost 40 people and we all had lots to celebrate as our new Board and Kas Co have been voted in and the old Board has been released from their duties!

We are so proud to have been the Board of Link for all of you. With your help, our members, sponsors, committees, Advisory Board, University and partners across the Netherlands, this year has been absolutely amazing. We hope to have left a positive impact on Link, and are excited to see where the new Board will take us all! Thank you for making this year so memorable, we will cherish this experience forever.