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Committee Head Information

Are you curious about how you can contribute to Link and make the association the best it can be? Would you like to see your visions for Link come to life?

As you may have noticed from the announcements, our Committee Head positions are open to applications! We’re looking for motivated Linkies who want to decide the paths that committees can take to improve the overall enjoyment of every member, and plan amazing events where people can form bonds, learn and most importantly have fun together!

In this article we’d like to give you an overview of what you could expect to be doing within each committee, and how you could contribute to the association! And fear not, with our Board Buddy system you’ll never be alone with the organizing and communicating with everyone, your board buddy will always be there to offer a helping hand when needed.

Esports Committee:
Esports is in our name, within this committee you will be very busy with organizing tournaments, hosting esports related events and helping out the Esports Officer with the organization of our very own esports teams. The possibilities don’t stop with just these though, examples of other events hosted by this committee could include things like a Just Dance tournament or a Mario Kart tournament.

Tabletop Committee:
Are you a fervent D&D enjoyer? More of a board game person? This is the committee for you! Anything related to tabletop gaming happens here. You can assist in the organization of the Link D&D campaign hosted by our very own motivated DM’s, and there is also always room for creating your own tabletop gaming events. Some general examples that could be possible include: board game evenings to introduce members to more games, introduction to different tabletop role-play systems. The possibilities are endless!

Marketing Committee:
Do you have an eye for marketing? Do you want to show everyone how great of an association Link is? Do you look forward to leading a team full of creative people who share a common goal?

The Marketing Committee Head position is the position for you! You will get to delegate your team to create impressive social media posts, keep the association up to date of all happenings and share photos of events, add your own flavor to Link by coming up with ideas that could improve the overall marketing of the association. Bring out the hidden talents within Link with your keen eye for motivated and creative people.

Spawn Point Committee:
You will be in charge of the hangout spot for Linkies. As Spawn Point Head you will be in charge of the daily happenings within Spawn Point, from delegating tasks to committee members, being in charge of the consistency of the Spawn Point opening hours, to of course organizing your own events.

Event Committee:
This is your chance to see just how social Link members can get! Do you love planning events? Is there an event that you feel Link should really include?

By leading the Event committee you get the unique opportunity to organize events for all Linkies. Some past examples include a spring break party and karaoke parties.

Link Trip Committee:
Planning events and parties just wasn’t enough for you, you like planning even bigger things!

As the head of the Link Trip Committee you will get to plan fun excursions for Linkies, and of course also the yearly multi-day trip to a city abroad!

Academic Committee:
The Academic Committee isn’t here to just remind us that we’re still a student association, but offers you the chance to connect the fun side of our association with something more academic. With the Missing Link lectures you can invite guest speakers from anywhere to give a talk about topics related to gaming.

Other possibilities that you could organize would be book clubs, study groups, CV workshops etc.!

Lustrum Committee:
It’s almost our 10th birthday! As head of the Lustrum Committee you will be in charge of planning our upcoming lustrum celebrations. Bring your visions for our 10th birthday come to life and pick the best venue for the celebrations! Do you have ideas for decorations, music, food, entertainment and much more? as the Committee Head, lead your committee towards planning an amazing lustrum week filled with fun activities to celebrate our awesome association!