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Board Update July

July has passed, which means Summer Break has officially started, and only a little more than a month until we see each other again! We hope you are enjoying the summer, taking some well-deserved time off doing the things you love. However, even in July,
Link keeps thriving! So sit back, relax, and enjoy this short Board update.

To (almost) start off the month, Esports Co celebrated the launch of the new “Runeterra” TFT set by bringing us another TFT tournament on June 30th! The winners got amazing prizes, and some lucky contestants got TFT eggs from the participation raffle!

On July 3rd, it was time for the long-anticipated 4th and last GMA of the Academic Year. With 44 members present, be it online or in person, this was our best-visited GMA ever. During the GMA, some exciting announcements were made, such as about our new sponsor Ranqer and the fact that we are finally getting the long-hoped-for Spawnpoint expansion!
We are so proud and happy to announce our Candidate Board, now officially voted in at the GMA: Niels, Adrian, Joyce, Eleni, and Joël! If you want to read back all that was discussed, you can find the minutes at:

Then on the 14th of July, it was time for one of our favorite Link traditions, the end-of-year Barbecue! More than 30 Linkies enjoyed a barbecue buffet at the 7 Geitjes, we even got to pet some horses and cats! Fun conversations were held, and even better gifts were received. Everyone seemed to have a wonderful time, and it was a great way to close off an amazing year.

However, the Barbecue was not the last event of the year. We had one more exciting event in store. On July 20th, we were feeling pink! In our best, fancy Barbie attire, we went to see the new Barbie movie together! It was crazy, it was funny, and most of all, it was absolutely fabulous!

We can’t wait to see you all again in the new Academic Year and welcome you back with lots of fun events! Enjoy the rest of your summer, and we will see each other very soon!