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Board Update June

We hope y’all survived the scorching heat and that exams are going well. Resits are almost over, and summer is here. This means time to celebrate, relax, game, enjoy some free time, and perhaps read the board update. Because even with exams around the corner, Link has not been standing still.

To kick off the month on June 6th, we organized not one but two events! In the afternoon, it was time for Links' very first miniature painting workshop. With supplies and guidance provided by our External Affairs Officer Bedo, many Linkies took the paint brushes to hand, letting their creative juices flow. From scary green monsters to wonderful pink monstrosities, all were created. It was a great event and we can only hope to see a return in the future.

On this same day, it was also time for the last First Tuesday Of The Month drink of the academic year. For one last time, Linkies came together at de Vos en de Craen to enjoy some drinks, chats, and games with their friends. It was nice to see that a relaxed evening of drinks could provide relief from all the exam stress.

The next day, on June the 7th our friends from iTrainee came by for a fun sponsored board game night. Many Linkies came together for an evening of enjoyment, snacks, and competition. However, it was also an evening of learning, as we also got treated with a presentation from Itrainee about who they are and what they do, hopefully inspiring our Linkies for their future endeavors.

On June 13th, it was then time for another Spoorpark Chill time. With the weather being nice and cool in the evening, Spoorpark provided the perfect place to enjoy the fresh air, hang out and relax for a bit. Everybody needs a break from exams every now and then, and Spoorpark has once again provided the perfect opportunity for exactly this.

Merely two days later, it was time for our committee bonding and appreciation event. We started the evening off with an exhilarating game of laser tag at de Zeven Geitjes here in Tilburg. We combined the first part of the event with a freshie event and let the two groups battle it out, leading to a victory for the freshmen! After that, we turned to de Vos en de Craen, where the Board treated our amazing committee members with some roasts, kind words, and, best of all, personalized memes.

Finally, we went on a trip to one of the most known destinations in the area, Efteling! We enjoyed the fairytale vibes, the thrilling rides, and the ridiculous photo opportunities, making for one unforgettable trip.

And with that, we would like to conclude our second last board update of this academic year. For those who we will see at our final events of the year, we cannot wait to have fun one more time, and for those who have left already, enjoy your summer break. Relax, sit back, take a drink and we will see each other again after the summer.