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TSEA Link Tiltburg Emerges Victorious with Insane Comeback!

In the finals of the Connecting Gauntlet competition held on May 27th, TSEA Link Tiltburg, the League of Legends team representing TSEA Link, showcased their resilience by staging an impressive comeback. After losing the first two games in a best-of-five series, they rallied together and emerged as the triumphant champions.

League of Legends: A Brief Introduction
For those unfamiliar with the game, League of Legends is a highly strategic Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) that emphasizes teamwork and resource management. The objective is to dismantle the enemy Nexus, the final base structure. In previous articles, we discussed another popular MOBA, Dota 2, which shares similarities with League of Legends. Another notable MOBA enjoyed by our Link community is Smite.

The Journey of TSEA Link Tiltburg
TSEA Link Tiltburg, boasts not only impressive individual rankings but also exceptional team cohesion. The roster that competed in the Connecting Gauntlet tournament has been playing together intermittently for over two years. The addition of their jungler, Steven (Stayven), proved to be a valuable asset as he seamlessly complemented the team's playstyle and synergized effectively with other members.

An exclusive interview with Jeroen (EastGoblin), one of the team's players, shed light on the positive team atmosphere and highlighted the outstanding performance and consistency of Luke (RoseBND), the team's AD Carry. However, each player had the opportunity to showcase their skills, ultimately leading to the team's victory. Undoubtedly, their superior synergy played a pivotal role in securing their triumph.

The Intense Finals
After navigating through the group stage brackets, team Tiltburg reached the finals, marking their first appearance in an offline tournament of this magnitude. The finals followed a best-of-five format, where the first team to secure three wins would claim the championship. A typical match of League of Legends ranges from 20 to 40 minutes in duration, providing a reference for the potential length of a series.

Regrettably, Tiltburg suffered two consecutive defeats in the first two games. When asked about possible external factors contributing to these losses, Jeroen mentioned a few challenges they faced: "The setup was really weird. Like, we were playing on 32-inch monitors, so I was playing on windowed mode because it was just way too big … and the desks were like, really small … So, it was also like, getting used to the setup basically," Jeroen explained.

However, defying their team name, Tiltburg orchestrated a stunning turnaround in the third match, which could have been the deciding factor. As the series progressed, it became evident that Tiltburg had gained a significant mental edge over their opponents. "They were trolling their draft a bit, so that was like a bit of a confidence boost for us because we were 0-2 down. So, then we were like, okay, we can win now," Jeroen revealed, highlighting the impact of their opponents' choices on their own team's morale.

During the climactic fifth and final game, the room reverberated with the jubilant celebration of team Tiltburg. Their victory was secured through a decisive teamfight near the top side of the map. "They engaged on us because we overstayed on the map, and then we had Rogier who teleported in. The fight went pretty fast, but I was focusing on peeling for my carries," Jeroen described, recounting the crucial moments of the final match.

Tensions and emotions ran high throughout the last game. "And then the fight wasn't even over yet, and I think Luke so, RoseBND, he starts screaming like 'end the game.' When the fight was over, people started screaming to end the game, so we knew we won basically, after we started hitting the Nexus, everyone was screaming," Jeroen shared, capturing the exhilaration that filled the room.

TSEA Link Tiltburg: Champions of the Connecting Gauntlet 2023
In a remarkable feat, TSEA Link Tiltburg emerged as the champions of the Connecting Gauntlet 2023 tournament. Their triumph not only earned them the first-place title but also secured them prize money and a spot through to the semi finals of the open Connecting Esports Gauntlet. They will be facing off against other esports organizations on Saturday 24th of June in Scheveningen to prove that not only are they the best student team, they are simply the best team.

Reflecting on the exceptional performance of his teammates, Jeroen highlighted Luke (RoseBND) as the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the series. Luke's consistent contributions throughout the finals stood out prominently, showcasing his immense skill and dedication.

Jeroen concluded the interview by delivering an inspiring message to fellow Linkies actively participating in the competitive League of Legends scene or aspiring to do so. "If you want to become good at League of Legends, you have to pour your heart and soul into it and you will become very good," Jeroen encouraged, emphasizing the importance of dedication and passion in achieving success in the game.