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Board Update May

Hey Linkies! It’s time for another Board Update, and this time the LONGEST one yet! Thank you for this amazing month and let’s get right into the events!

Starting off the month on the 1st of May, we had the Commander tournament held by our lovely Tabletop Co. Spells were slung and counters were thrown, in a high excitement day, ending with the victory of Floris, congratulations and thank you to all attendants!

Right after on the 2nd of May, the classic FTOTM drink was held at our lovely De Vos. With tons of Linkies we packed the house yet again in a celebration of friendship and boardgaming!

Following that up we had May the 4th, where we held a special Pizza party for all Link members in celebration of our charity stream goal being achieved. Many Linkies showed up and made us fill up not one but two rooms! Hope everyone enjoyed their pizza! Cowabunga!

The gears were once again GUILTY as another edition of our guilty gear tournament series was held, this time with the gimmick of CREW BATTLE. In the end only one crew came out on top but you can always try your luck next time! Just keep your eyes on announcements!

On the 9th of May Event Co brought us another epic karaoke night! From Mulan to AC/DC, everyone sang their hearts out!

UwU gojushin sama thank you so much for visiting the Link Maid Cafe on the 10th of May, and thank you to our Linkies who volunteered to serve and to those who brought their own dishes! Everyone looked stunning in yet ANOTHER of the charity stream goal events! We hope you enjoyed your service!

In collaboration with Front we set up a Mario Kart and board game room on campus for Night University on May 11th! On 4 big screens, visitors big and small showed off their racing skills. Everyone got some snacks and drinks when it was time to take a break, and watched others race while playing board games!

On the same night as Night University it was also time for the epic final of this year's D&D campaign. It was a night of tragedy, hardship, tears, and emotions. But also a night of joy, laughter, and epic heroism. Tarrasques were fought, and the world was saved once again. A special thank you again to our DMs this year for creating an epic campaign.

In preparation for the upcoming GNSK Esports Co lead some brave players onto the Valorant field. It was a wild ride through the realm of headshots, tactical plays and aiming! We had around 30 participants that were Linkies or friends of Linkies!

On the 13th of May, Board was once again put to the task of delivering on the Charity Stream Goals, this time with showing off the newly dyed hair of President Leo and Treasurer Annika, while torturing External Affairs Officer Bedo by waxing his legs, shaving his face, and overall just reverting him to pre-puberty status. Afterwards, Jackbox was played with our dear viewers, roasts were given and questions were truthfully answered by yours truly.

Link and Intermezzo formed a very yummie alliance, LinkTermezzo, on the 15th of May, in yet another of our charity stream goal events! We refreshed ourselves with some ice cream and had so much fun spending time together in the center of Tilburg! The first 30 lucky signups got a free scoop courtesy of board! It was very fun CHILLING together.

On May 16th, TabletopCo went digital, during their very own D&D Stream. Committee head Joyce served as the DM, guiding three unwitting players into a world of steampunk and conspiracy. They almost got beaten by a giant robot, but as is the case in any good hero story, the players managed to save the day.

On May 22nd it was time for the second D&D workshop of the ear provided by the amazing Lauren and Adi. Last workshop, we dove into the world of improvisation, while this time around we took a better look at the art of world-building. How do you create a culture? How do you create a map? What is the role of religion in my campaign? These and more were all answered in an engaging workshop.Thankyou Lauren and Adi for organizing we can't wait to see what you come up with next time!

To close out the month, and right before exams, we had the final of the GNSK preparation tournaments, this time with Smash bros Ultimate! Salt was given and everyone from casual to competitive had fun. In the end, Marcos claimed victory, with Siem and Oscar being very close behind!

Phew, what an update, hopefully you enjoyed our events as much as we did! We are very happy that we could distract ourselves right before exam season. The best of luck in all your exams, study hard, and remember to enjoy the sunshine!