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Board Update for April

Hey everyone!

April has passed by, and it brought the sun with it! Spring has sprung, the flowers are blooming, and what made this wonderful month even better? Right, all the amazing events that happened! And be prepared because a lot happened.

We kicked off this sunny month on April 3rd with the Board info event. Today is the last day to send in your Board applications, so hurry up and apply for your preferred position! That evening the Board told all about their duties, responsibilities, and of course, why it is so awesome to be Board. If you want to know more about being Board feel free to send a message to any of the current Board members, and the slides of the event can be found here:

On April 4th, it was time again for our traditional First Tuesday of the Month Drink. Almost 50 Linkies gathered together in the back of De Vos to enjoy a variety of drinks, snacks, and games and, most important of all, spend time together. Many new faces were spotted in the crowd as well, and if you joined Link after, all we can say is welcome and happy to have you here! To close off such a wonderful evening, we headed off to the End Karaoke Bar, where we kept on singing until the early morning.

Continuing an event-filled week, on April 5th, it was time for the second installment of the monthly Guilty Gear tournament, organized by our own Kevin Thaw. The Gears were Guilty as ever, as ten players fought it out for the crown. It was epic, it was exciting, it was gut-wrenching, and most important of all, it was a lot of fun.

Then the time came for a member-initiated event! As per the great idea of Anouk, a card game night was held on April 6th. 15 people came together to enjoy a variety of games. On one side of the room, we tested how awful of people we are with a fun game of pick your poison, while on the other side, an epic (and very long) battle of Magic the Gathering was fought out.

On April 8th, Respawn, our alumni association, brought us another Tough Team Trivia Time! We did some serious googling and thinking, as the questions made our brains melt.

However, the card game night was not the only card game event this month, as on April 11th, Tabletop Co organized its long-awaited Pokemon TCG tournament. Ten Pokemon trainers came together to battle it out for some epic prizes. In the end, it was none other than our own President Leo who rose to the top. Congratulations once again, Madam President, and Rogier and Bobbie as well, who got second and third place, respectively.

It was a good month for Tabletop enjoyers, as on April 15th, it was finally time for the ever-so-long anticipated Roll Initiative Con. It was the first rendition of this TTRPG convention, and it was a successful one. And, of course, we could not let this opportunity pass by to represent our association. We were present with our very own vendor booth promoting the association we all know and love. Aside from that, we also had a lot of Linkies help out volunteering, from Dming epic games to taking tickets at the entrance. It was an incredible day, and we can’t wait until next year’s convention, when we will hopefully be present again!

And believe it or not, there was even more board game goodness to enjoy, as, on April 18th, it was time for Tabletop Co’s boardgame speed-dating event. Who needs love when you have a game to enjoy? That is at least what 14 Linkies thought who came together to enjoy this event. Lots of small games were tried out until everyone had found their true board game love.

On the 21st of April, in preparation for the GNSK competition, we held the highly anticipated 3v3 Aram Tournament! Composed of 12 teams gathering 36 players, a lot of fun was had, and prizes were won, having given away a total of 60€ in prizes! Thank you so much to Esports Co for organizing and throwing this event, and be sure not to miss the next GNSK preparation tournament, this time for Valorant, which will be held on the 12th of May!

And, of course, you can't kick spring off without a kickass party, so that is exactly what was organized by Event Co on April 19th. We rented Carpe Noctem for the night, where more than 50 Linkies gathered together to party the roof off. The free drinks at the start certainly helped to set the mood. We danced, we cheered, beer pong was played, limbo was being conquered, and even the occasional dance circle made its appearance. We finished the night off with a small after-party at the karaoke bar, after which we all made it safely home to dream about what an epic night it was.

To close this month off, Link finally went international again. We left the Netherlands for four days on April 27th to discover the realms of Ireland and the wonderful city of Dublin. However, as the Link Trip was simply too amazing to encompass in this one Board Update, we will write a full travel report later. So keep your eyes on the news section!

That was it again, folks. Hope you enjoyed the month just as much as we did, and we can't wait to see what May holds for us.

Board <3