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Board Update for March 2.0

Hello Linkies,
You know the drill! Another month, another new Board Update!
The weather this month brought us hail, sun, and storms, the only consistent thing is amazing Link events!

To start this month off, on the 11th of February, we got our learning on, with a trip to the video game museum! After taking a short train ride to Zoetermeer, all genres of gaming were on display! Shooters, rhythm, racing games, oh my! A lot was learned and a ton of fun facts were shared, in a wonderful learning event! By the end of it, everyone had a great Italian meal in a nearby restaurant to satiate the gamer appetite.

On the 14th of February, our lovely (pun intended) EventCo, greeted us with a Valentine’s themed Pub Quiz! A lot of positive and lovely energy was shared in this event aimed at celebrating love, pokemon, books, and many other things!

On the 16th of February, our amazing DMs from Link DnD organized an amazing One Shot Night! It was once again a big success. With 6 Dm's and 30 players, we filled up the entire floor of the Reitse Toren with laughter and exciting stories. Whether it be the chaos of Lasers and Feelings or just a classic game of DnD everyone had a great time. What was also nice is that a bunch of non-members joined in making it a nice mix between Linkies and non-Linkies. A big thank you again to all our DM's for making this event possible!

On the 17th of February, our very own freshie Zam organized a space lecture in the Black Box! A venture into the cosmos, exploring black holes, aliens, and planets was the talk of the night, and if you want to keep the talk going, make sure to keep your eye on the sky.

On the 20th of February, TabletopCo started our week with an Open Boardgame Afternoon, which saw over 25 people take to RT and play a bunch of games, from Perudo to Betrayal at the house on the Hill. Despite the chaos of carnival surrounding all of us, some of our members sought the quiet of a fun board game afternoon. People were betrayed in Betrayal and coups were planned. It was a fun and eventful afternoon.

On the 28th of February, our ball of energy Dimitry organized another rendition of the Kpop Just Dance Event. With the extremely dedicated group of dancers, everyone got to have a turn busting out their best moves to some amazing songs!

On the 1st of March, the gears were guilty, due to Kevin Thaw, organizing a Guilty Gear Spawn Point Tournament, which housed 16 players duking it out for a shot at being crowned the new champion of strive! The hype was unreal, as the finals echoed around the RT building and certainly beyond, and already next month, there’s a new rendition scheduled. Will the champ remain? Or will a new prodigy take the title? Find out on April 5th!

Last but certainly not least, we had our FTOTM drink in March! This time we got cozy in the back of De Vos and with over 50 attendees enjoyed some good drinks and games! Afterward we spontaneously decided to go to the karaoke bar, which was completely empty! We sang our hearts out until the early morning hours and are proud to say, this was another successful FTOTM!

Gamers from far and wide came to Reitse Toren on the 13th of March to play an entertaining round of King of the Castle (only to watch the Patricians take it all), some Mario Kart racing or show off their dance moves in Just Dance! The Casual Game Night, hosted by Esports Co, was once again a big success with over 40 people in attendance!

Just one week later, things got a little bit more serious for the third GMA of the Board of 22/23. There were a couple of highlights! We are very happy to announce our two new confidential advisors, Bouke and Jennifer. On top of that, we opened applications for Board and advisory Board. If you would like to apply, please send your CV and motivational letter to [email protected]. We also opened submissions for a new Link logo, show off what you can come up with, and send an email to [email protected]!

The biggest highlight this month was our 65-hour-long Charity Stream, which 41 individual streamers kept on going from the 24th until the early hours of the 27th of March. In total, we are very proud to say that we raised €1.700, which we will donate to the Red Cross and Swim for Charity from Avalon. It was such a big event that it even got covered by the local newspaper! We once again want to thank each and every single streamer for putting in the time, effort, and love for Link and charity!

The end of March was celebrated with the seventh edition of The Missing Link, for which 3 speakers took us on a journey about the cultural impact of video games. The Black Box was filled with an interested audience, and the 2-hour long conference was concluded with an interactive Q&A session.

Lots of love,
Board 2022-2023 <3