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Board Update for February

Hello Linkies,
With Carnaval approaching it's time to hit you with a brand new Board Update!

To start this month off, on the 19th of January, we went on a dangerous trip to Middle Earth together with Linkies in Spawnpoint and watched the Lord of the Rings trilogy! For around 10 hours Linkies came and went on the journey that was this marathon, with some brave souls even making it through to the end unscathed! Truly gamers to the end. All thanks to the guidance of our very own Spawnpoint Co.

On the 25th of January Tabletop Co brought everyone together in the virtual realm, with their Tabletop Simulator night! A throwback to Covid Era Link, they made sure that even though some people were still away on holidays or too busy with studying to leave the house and face the cold, warmth can always be found in this community, be it offline or online <3.

On the 27th of January monsters attacked! Well, technically we attacked each other in a brand new TFT tournament hosted by our hardworking Esports Co to celebrate the newly launched and awaited set! Many Linkies watched the fierce competition on our Twitch channel, accompanied by amazing casters.

On the 2nd of February Link went to town and represented the LARGEST number of attendees in the Student Sports Association Gala with 56! Moves were busted and heads were turned as we all dressed to impress and had a wonderful night with photos being taken by our very own Alex Sinke (who made sure to get everyone’s good side on the group picture I’m sure)!

On the 7th of February our beloved FTOTM made a glorious return with a whopping 68 attendees! (Nice eheh) We had a bunch of fun and filled out our very own De Vos en de Craen while playing board games and drinking a beer to catch up! We even saw new games being brought by our very own members!

One of the biggest highlights yet is that we have merch coming very soon! Everything is ready, and we are very excited to get our hands on old favourites and some new items! Thank you so much to Marketing Co for the amazing new designs and help in making this work!

We are very excited to announce that registrations for our Link Trip have officially opened up! This year, we will toast with Guinness and explore beautiful Phoenix Park. You guessed it, we’re going to Dublin!

That was it! Thank you so much for an amazing month! We hope you’re well rested and ready to celebrate Valentine's Day, Carnaval and tons of events with us!

Lots of love,
Board 2022-2023 <3