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Board Update for January

Hello Linkies,
With the holiday season behind us and exams finally done, it's time to get back into the spirit of gaming with Link, and what better way to start than with a Board Update!

Now to start this off with a BANG, Link's merchandise is finally here! With the new addition of a white hoodie! Marketing Co has been so kind as to give us this holiday present which we all are thankful for! The merch will be available to order until the 31st of January, so get yours now, by following this link:

On the 13th of December, our amazing Tabletop Co hosted the Trading Card Game Day, where Linkies could go to unwind and take their minds off the exams for a while. Pokemon were battled, commanders were toppled, spells were slung, and most importantly, fun was had.

On the 22nd of December, the most festive event was brought to us by Event Co! They decided to bring some Christmas spirit into Link, by having their very own Secret Santa event. Joy was abundant, and in the true spirit of Link, the secret Santas rolled for gifts with dice.

Wait, you hear that? It's the sound of Link about to smash everyone in the season 2 of DSL, which is starting February 6th! With brand-new teams and a reinvigorated spirit be sure to cheer for your favorite team and watch them make insane plays on the rift!

The much-awaited SSA gala sign-ups have closed and *drumroll* Link has come out on top with the most participants, with an astounding 56 signups! We cannot wait to see you all in your fancy dresses and stunning suits, just make sure to pack your dancing shoes for a night to remember!

During our first official office hours, we had some quality time in Spawnpoint and discussed new event ideas or Spawnpoints equipment. We are excited to talk to everyone on Tuesdays, every two weeks from 13.00-16.00!

On the 11th of January, we collaborated with Fontys for a day-long gaming event! Everyone's favorite, the racing setup, was loved even by teachers. On a giant screen people could show off their dance moves in "just dance", or unleash their inner Ronaldo in Fifa.

We hope to see many of you back in Spawnpoint or at events, and that you all had an amazing start into the new year!

Lots of love,
Board 2022-2023 <3