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Board Update for December

Hi everyone,
Winter is almost here. The days are short, the weather is cold, and exam stress is boiling up. It is time for a nice and warm Board Update to brighten the mood!

On November 15th, we kicked off with our long-anticipated karaoke event! Together with 35 people, we went to The End karaoke bar, where everybody could show off their singing skills! What made it even better is that Event Co managed to book the bar from 16:00 until 20:00, making it a private Link party! A free drink for everyone ensured smooth vocal cords for some amazing singing. Whether through ABBA, Olivia Rodrigo, or Queen, everyone got the opportunity to channel their inner superstar.

On the 17th of November, it was time for the D&D DM improv workshop. Through fun exercises and insightful comments, Lauren and Adi taught us everything about the role of improvisation in running a game. Whether it concerned how to improvise a whole session, how to react when a player does something completely unexpected, or the importance of “Yes and.” For those interested, the slides are available here:

To close off an event-filled week on November 18th, it was time for the next movie night. Where the last movie night filled us with feelings of fear, this movie night filled us with happiness as we all dreamed away in the magical world of Studio Ghibli. Cozy together and protected against the cold outside, we came together to watch “My neighbor Totoro” and “Howl’s Moving Castle”.

On November 29th, it was time for the first GMA of our Board year! Details of what was discussed during the GMA can be found in the minutes We would like to thank everyone who showed up for showing your interest in the association. If you have never been to the GMA, don’t hesitate to come next time, as this is the ideal opportunity to let your voice be heard and help make Link an even more awesome place than it already is.

The next day, November 30th, was exciting for our freshmen as it was time for the Pub Quiz! As of now, we have 63 freshmen. The teams bowed themselves over 50 questions covering all kinds of topics. Until the very end, it was unclear who would win; however, with a mere one-point difference, The Pogchamps rose to the top.

On December 1st Spawnpoint was once again turned into a home theater, as we all gathered together to enjoy, but most of all ridicule, the worst of the worst that Hollywood had to offer. Who says a movie needs to be good to be enjoyable? We came together in Spawnpoint to laugh at the terrible acting and sometimes even worse special effects in Morbius and Samurai Cop.

On December 2nd, we gathered in Spawnpoint throughout the day to show off our various Link teams and competitors for our Content Day! With a lot of Link merch, fun poses, and laughter, Esports Co took over 1000 pictures! Everyone also had the opportunity to show off their gaming knowledge (or lack thereof) in a tough quiz that was recorded for every game, so keep an eye on our social media!

Then on December 6th, it was time for our last First Tuesday of the Month Drink of this year. Despite the stress the exams have brought with them, 45 people still decided to seek some relief and join us at de Vos for a nice evening. Many games were played, and even more hot chocolate was consumed as we gathered together for one last time before heading into 2023.

Hereby we would like to conclude the final Board Update of 2022. Best of luck with the final exams, enjoy your holidays, stay safe, and we hope to see all of you back soon in the new year.

Board 2022-2023 <3