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Board Update for October

Welcome to the first monthly update of the Board of 2022-2023! This update covers everything from the last month of our transfer period, our events, and our achievements!

We have officially been Board for exactly two weeks and we are incredibly proud to have this many amazing things to report from this time and our transition period. First of all, we are excited to announce that we have reached both over 200 members and over 50 freshmen!

Picking up where the previous Board left off, the Spoorpark Chill event organized by Event Co rounded off our post-TOP week open events. The event had one of its largest turnouts with around 50 people in attendance! With card games and good company, not even the threat of rain and cold could dampen the mood.

We were blessed with a fun Dungeons and Dragons stream on our Twitch on Thursday the 15th, which featured not-always-so-wholesome endings for the heroes of last year's campaign. The DMs answered questions, said goodbye to La Fortuna, and welcomed the brand-new campaign set in Moonspire Academy!

The long-awaited start of the next Link D&D campaign arrived shortly after. With 48 players exploring the school grounds of Moonspire Academy, the 8 DMs already had chaotic adventures planned for them. The first session was a big success with laughter coming from every table. If you still want to join the fun, make sure to join the Link D&D chat through

On Friday the 23rd of September we had the first member-initiated event of our year, a Pokémon TCG evening in Spawnpoint! Decks were built and utterly destroyed in the first two turns of a game as the question of who is the very best, like no one ever, remained unanswered.

Finally, on the 27th it was time for the big GMA directly in our home, Spawnpoint. With a huge turnout of over 30 people, everyone shared their gratitude and praises to the previous Board and voted in favor of letting them resign and get their well-deserved rest. After this, we were voted in as Board and are incredibly grateful to everyone in attendance for voicing their opinions about important matters such as our Board Plan and financial sheets.

On the 3rd of October, we held our annual Committee Info Event. Representatives from each committee came up and pitched to an audience of interested members and especially freshies why they should be joining their committee. In the end, every committee head had compelling arguments and believed their committee was the best one to join, so new members were fought over during some fun board games. As a reminder, committee applications are open throughout the entire year and you can apply by sending your name, chosen committee, and a short motivation to [email protected]

Then our second FTOTM Drink arrived! We once again had a large turnout, filling the entire front section of de Vos. Many fun games were played and with around 50 people in attendance, people had fun and enjoyed themselves all the way into the night.

Next, we had our Freshie Dinner! We were absolutely blown out of the water by how many freshmen wanted to show up. Last year the first iteration of the freshie dinner was created very spontaneously with 10 people at Xu. We wanted to recreate this cozy feeling and created a datepicker in Freshmen chat. Our surprise when we saw 36 people sign up was immense but still less than that of Xu, who had to rearrange the restaurant and give us every last reservable table they could find. In all, it was a huge success and a wonderful night. We all really enjoyed getting to know so many new Link members.

Finally, our very own Jeroen hosted a coaching workshop about coaching in League of Legends. The interactive presentation went very in-depth and received only positive feedback! This makes us very excited for the future of coaching within Link. Many talented coaches armed with this new knowledge can help our teams improve and perform in the upcoming DSL Academy League!

This concludes our first-ever monthly update, we look forward to writing these for you all year long and we hope to see you at our next events, such as the scary movie night or the upcoming LAN!

Board 2022-2023 <3