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Board Update for September

With the academic year starting again the big focus in August was the well known TOP Week! We hope the start of the year has treated you well and wish you good luck with your studies!

Our August started with the big 013 Fair at TOP Week. During this, we as Link had a stand to promote our association to new students that just started their studies at Tilburg University! Together with the Candidate Board and Fenna from PromoCo, we were able to show off all of our association and gather a fair amount of new members; you might have already seen some of them at our events!

On the Wednesday of TOP Week we were promoting at the Fontys Association Fair on Pieter Vreedeplein! It was very nice seeing a diversity of people interested in Link for our e-sports and tabletop side. Let’s hope we get to welcome many of you!

During the ‘Sports Classes’ segment on the Thursday of TOP Week we brought a bunch of equipment to the Sports Centre. We brought Just Dance, a racing simulator and a VR set-up to the kickboxing room and we had plenty of fun with all the people interested in Link! We also taught some people how to play Pokemon TCG whilst they were waiting their turn on the other games.

Our first open event after TOP Week was the “Casual Game Evening” organised by the E-Sports Committee and the E-Sports Officer. It was a great way for new and non-members to get familiar with SpawnPoint and the gaming side of our association. The evening was filled with fun games like Mario Kart, Smash Bros and even a very intense Just Dance session!

Our very first Monthly Drink of the academic year was a huge success! With a turnout of almost 70 people, we dominated almost all the space at De Vos en de Craen! We got to catch up with old friends and asked about their summer plans whilst also getting to know the new members better. Plenty of people also brought friends along to show them how amazing our little cult– I mean ‘association’ is. It was great seeing you all again and we hope to see you again at the next monthly drink on the 4th of October!

After the Monthly Drink we had the most visited oneshot night ever at over 45 signups, and a number of late joiners. TabletopCo had to marshall 2 extra DMs to actually make room for everyone. It was a night filled with varying adventures, from simple monster hunting, to being eaten by eldridge monsters, to tearing holes in space and time to stealing quest giver’s houses. It had something for everyone. We were also delighted to see a good number of first time players at many of the tables.

We end off the week with another successful rendition of tabletop night with roughly 50 attendees. Games were played from Catan to Coup and classics such as Exploding Kittens. We of course also thank the people who brought literal piles of games for everyone to enjoy on top of what TabletopCo already brought.

As we look forward to the upcoming GMA and hopefully the acceptance of the new Board, this Board Update comes with a little sadness as it will be the last one we will write. We as a Board have already expressed gratitude to all of you members before, but we would like to take this moment to thank you all again for one incredible year. It was truly an honour to be your Board for the past year.

Lots of love,
For one last time,

Board 2021-2022