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Board Update for August

Are you enjoying the warm weather? A few more weeks and we will see each other again!

The Board hopes all of you are enjoying a well-deserved rest. After all the hard studying for exams some of you might go on a Holiday, relax at home or take a summer job! Whatever it is, we hope you will all be well rested to start a new school year! We are doing the same.

One person that hasn’t sat down though, was Thierry! Organising a member-initiated LinkedIn review for Link and Respawn! At this event we checked out each other’s LinkedIn and gave tips on how to improve it! Many tips have been shared such as endorsing each other’s skills, writing recommendations and improving your general profile. Thank you Thierry for this awesome event!

We are all working hard to prepare the new academic year for you. The Candidate Board is working hard on their Board Plan and settling the Committees, while the Current Board is focussed on TOP Week, promotion and its events. Stay tuned for more information in the upcoming weeks!

Enjoy the rest of your holidays! <3

Lots of love,

Board 2021-2022