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Board Update for July

Hopefully your exams went well, now it’s time to enjoy a well-deserved Holiday!

July started off with our second TFT Tournament of the year! Organised by the E-Sports Committee, we had a total of 43 active participants including some of Link’s TFT finest, making this our biggest E-Sports tournament of the year! With the top 8 all receiving prizes, everything was still to play for in the finals. As the event went on, we had some lovely casters helping us out streaming it all to twitch. A big thank you to Sera, Justin and Jeroen for having our backs! “Chrizzle2” took home first place this time, but maybe next time it’s your turn to take the crown?!

To celebrate the upcoming vacation, we were able to express the happiness with our whole body at Dimitry’s member-inititaed Kpop Just Dance night in Spawn Point! The first two hours we were able to use Leo’s Switch to do all the (extreme) Kpop dances available there - later switching to Youtube! With the fans and beamer running on their highest setting, the dancers were able to show their passionate moves, even setting new high scores! This was an amazing member-initiated event, thank you Dimitry!

With the sun coming out more as well, we were able to enjoy Event Co’s Spoorpark Chillings v2 even more! We had a great time roasting in the sun, even though some of us may or may not have forgotten to apply their sunscreen~ oops! With the heat we were able to enjoy plenty of snacks and some Desperados! Card games were played, sun was absorbed and pride-month themed candy was consumed – overall, all the ingredients for an excellent day of gamers touching grass.

Unfortunately the weather wasn’t too great for our Tabletop Co x Event Co’s LARP event which had to be cancelled. But do not worry, next academic year they will come back greater than ever with a similar event!

As the association year came to its end, we had our last social get-together. With plenty of BBQ-packages and a terrace of our own we went to our trusty home de Vos! While our favourite BBQ daddies Luke and Joost were getting us some good (vegan) meat, it was up to Alex and Julia to hand out everyone’s well-deserved gifts! Many certificates, medals and bags were given out to our trusty and loveable members. We hope you enjoyed the presents, meal and evening - thank you for being an active member, and we love you <3

Lots of love,

Board 2021-2022