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Board update for June

All aboard the Link hypetrain! Event after event -- there are no brakes to be found!

Even though the semester is coming to an end, there is no end to the hype train known as TSEA Link! A lot happened recently, and it’s time to give it a quick recap!

First, the DnD Worldbuilding Event! It was a small casual workshop to discuss worldbuilding. Jochem did an amazing job setting things up and getting people to join in and share their own knowledge, experience, and ideas to help the other participants learn just a bit more on what they can do to build up political factions in a world. We went through 3 different scenarios in different settings where we discussed how the environment could shape how an organization might grow and how the players might encounter them.

Then, On the 17th of May we had our first offline GMA since COVID-19 struck us! The board updated the members on how everything is going, and the new Candidate Board of 2022/2023 was voted in! Congratulations to Leonie, Luuk, Annika, Matthijs and Bedo with your candidacy! You can find the notes of the GMA on the website.

For Night University, Link and Student Party Front combined their powers to try something new. Whilst we usually have an ongoing game room throughout the night, this year we had a little session about Tilburg’s plans for city expansion in terms of building new living spaces for people. On top of that, we looked at what Tilburg University is planning on doing to expand the campus in the near future! After we got through the informative part, we let the groups decide what they wanted to build in their very own city in Cities: Skyline, prepared by our very own treasurer, Chris! The first group decided that building a bunch of bouncy castles as well as fire stations was a good answer to the rising crime rate. The second group figured that to combat crime rate, they needed a police station so they built a single one, in order to keep some crime around. Something about balance, they said? They also opted to make an airport for the city, which group 3 decided to cover entirely in modern windmills in order to give the pilots an extra challenge. We had a grand total of 69 (haha, nice) visitors across 3 sessions!

Tom and Stephen were off to a strong start on their 12-hour stream of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. It took them 12 hours to reach the big bad boss of Team Galactic, Cyrus! Along the way they had a few casualties, like Sheldon the shellos and Mary Sue the Ponyta. However, the Chansey named ‘Stall Strat’ seemed to hold out just fine. However, this stream was not without its habaneros! With both Tom and Stephen experiencing some wipes, blips were added to their wipe counter and each blip was equal to one spicy boii. Poor them…

Sticks and balls! A bunch of Linkies raided Poolcentrum4Friends and continuously shouted ‘Sticks and balls! Sticks and balls!’ whilst playing pool for a whopping 3+ hours straight. We kinda looked like a cult? Regardless, we had a great time! Plenty of 1v1s, plenty of group beatings, and at one point there was one table with 4 individuals that discovered they should probably never play pool again because of how little progress they made in 30 minutes time. I’m not saying any names, but I think Alex was at that table… After the event, plenty of Linkies still came by the pool center in their own time to play pool. Interested in joining some time? Make sure to join the TSEA Link Sticks ‘n Balls WhatsApp group (link in Announcement chat!)

As some of you might remember, unfortunately we had a speaker missing at this year’s The Missing Link! We were fortunate enough to be able to re-invite Nathan Wildman to a new event where he did the speech he originally wanted to do at the Missing Link! With a whopping 28 attendees we all learned what the difference is between humans and AI/NPCs - what is it that makes us human, compared to our digitised counterparts?! And interesting it was, thank you Nathan and the Academic Committee!

We had our second sports association collaboration this year! The SSA Scavenger Hunt was organised by Link, DanceNation, Spartacus, Lancelot, Gepidae and Avalon! We made several teams of members of the associations and went around campus to go to all our ‘home bases’! At these places the players had to perform exercises typical for that association. We are proud to say that our very own Link team, “Speedrunners”, won the event!

To close off, we had an excellent final FTOTM Drink at de Vos en de Craen! With 57 attendees, this was the second most-visited FTOTM Drink edition of the entire academic year. Games were played, friendships were broken and chocolate milks were chugged. Bouke introduced Matthijs, Joyce, Dimitry and Alex to a new game called ‘Bunga!’, of which they played almost 20 rounds – just in case you were wondering what all that maniacal shouting in the background was about. The new payment system seemed to work its wonders as everything went well! Thank you to everyone for coming out – we can’t wait to see you during the end-of-year barbecue!