Our team competing in the DSL Prime League. Leo: Our Substitute Top Laner, a mighty Garen main, #spintowin "The heart of a lion, The might of a god" Erik: Our mid laner, an eggnivia enjoyer "Laying an egg is not as easy as it looks" Dimitry: The Shaco onetrick. From Jungle to Support, you will always find Dimitry trolling the enemy team... and sometimes your own "tadadadadadadatadadadadaaaah" Thomas: Our Substitute Jungler, a blaster in competitive and solo queue. "Ok" Luke: Our ADC. When he is not on the rift you will find him casting the rift. "We cannot let fear trap us in twilight" Matej: Our Jungler, an avid Master Yi and Graves enjoyer. "The focused mind can pierce through stone." Cem: Our Top Laner, a Gnar addict with a few other champions in his sleeve. “Shugi shugi shugi” Kevin: Our Substitute Mid Laner, a player with a wide range of champions and an aptitude for... baking "I've always wanted to be a baker" Jeroen: Our Support, The Goblin of the Yeast... I mean East* "Nothing gets in, no one gets out"

Average Skill: Master

Team Members


  • Cem Sunay

Substitute | Support

  • Dimitry van Corstanje

Mid Lane

  • Erik Burgmans


  • Jeroen van Dijk

Substitute | Mid Lane

  • Kevin Fung

Substitute | Top Lane

  • Leonie Hirtreiter


  • Luke Joosten


  • Matěj Teiml

Substitute | Jungle

  • Thomas Legebeke


Competition / Tournament Result
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