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One of our Smite teams currently practicing for future tournaments! The battlefield of the Gods is being run over by the 5 mighty main deities of our trusty players. In the solo lane Jason runs berserk with the Celtic hound of Ulster, Cu Chulainn. Floating through the jungle looking to spread eternal darkness to people is Mike on the Greek Hand of Death, Thanatos. Meandering through both sides of the jungle is the home lane of Robin, providing both support and suffering through the hands of the Norse goddes of the underworld herself, Hel. The other side lane of the map is inhabited by two deities played by Ant and Hannah. Using strong hooved legs and dashing in horn first is Ant with the Celtic Horned God, Cernunnos. And bringing both support and wine to the team we have Hannah on the Roman god of Wine, Bacchus. All the deities need some form of main support. Waiting in the backlines, ready to jump in whenever necessary we have the versatile Legendary Chinese Warrior Mulan played by our subsitute Coen, who also plays in the duo and midlane. And providing beastly pressure if the team requires we have Julia playing in the duo lane and the mid lane as among others the Celtic Bear Goddes, Artio.

Average Skill: Gold

Team Members


  • Ant Yalçın

Sub (Carry/Mid/Solo)

  • Coen Crijns


  • Hannah Meijaard


  • Jason Ye


  • Mike Versleeuwen


  • Robin Grielen


  • Dimitry van Corstanje


Competition / Tournament Result
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