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One of our Smite teams practising for future tournaments! Joyce: Our Solo Laner currently maining Belona, Vamana and Surtur! Joyce is a powerful warrior in battle protecting the team. Stijn: Our Jungler currently maining Poseidon, Ratatokr and Nemesis. From blades of destruction to releasing the kraken, Stijn sneaks around in the bushes waiting to VG1 Sunny: Sunny is always ready to fill whatever slot is needed! Currently maining Jing Wei, Xing Tian and Baron Samedi, Sunny is ready to smash some noobs from support to Solo Lane. Coen: Our ADC currently maining Hachiman. Coen is a master at shooting arrows and throwing spears to blast enemies back to the grey-screen-simulator. Daniel: One of our substitutes currently maining Mulan, Pele and Kumbhakarna. You can find Daniel sleeping in conquest and throwing lava at the Fire Giant.

Team Members


  • Coen Crijns


  • Eleonora van den Dungen


  • Joyce Hoepelman


  • Luuk Eegdeman


  • Stijn Terloo

Substitute Fill

  • Sunny Brossog

Substitute Fill

  • Daniel Müller


  • Dimitry van Corstanje


Competition / Tournament Result
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