Tom & Stephen

Our fantastic and hilarious partners in crime, tackling the greatest games for our entertainment

Team Members

  • Tom Willems

  • Stephen Bruens


Competition / Tournament Result
Pokemon Sword and Shield In Progress
Pokemon Sapphire Victorious!
Slay the Spire Victorious!
Tick Tock: A Tale for Two Victorious!
Monster Hunter World Victorious!
Paper Mario Victorious!
XCOM Victorious!
Orcs Must Die 2 Victorious!
Portal 2 Victorious!
Dream Daddy Victorious!
Phoenix Point Victorious!
HITMAN Victorious!
Fortnite Victorious!
I love you, Colonel Sanders Victorious!
Untitled Goose Game Victorious!
Spore Victorious!
Don't Starve Together Victorious!
Civilization VI Victorious!
XCOM 2 Victorious!